Ukraine: Article: Ukraine: the Best autumn festivals
  Travel to Ukraine is always nice to combine with visits to interesting events – musical, gastronomic theme, which are held all year round in different parts of the country.…

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Festivals Kiev: the most incendiary and exciting events capital
  Festivals in Kiev are an integral part of the cultural life of the country. These festive mass actions allow you to be aware of all the events lovers of…

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What to see in Lviv – Festivals and holidays in Lviv


Lviv is known as the cultural capital of Ukraine. Lviv was selected for numerous international festivals, and celebrations of local importance. These days thousands of tourists come to Lviv to enjoy an unforgettable festive atmosphere. Festivals in Lviv are at all times of the year!

Official city holidays are considered to be the city Day and flag Day. The city day is usually celebrated in September or may. For the conditional date of the founding of Lviv adopted 1256 year. Flag day is celebrated here on 3 April – on this day in 1990 at the town Hall was raised the flag of Ukraine.

International theatre festival «Golden lion” held in Lviv at the beginning of October . The venue serve the theatres of the city but also the Central part of the city. Since 1992, it has already been attended by over 25 thousand actors from different countries of the world. Cheese and wine is also celebrated in early October . The festival venue: Museum of folk architecture and life “convection” and the Market square. “the Festival of cheese and wine– – this is a great opportunity not only to taste wine and cheese, but also to learn about the culture of cheese making and wine in Lviv, visit the fair and concerts of folk groups. Festival of ancient Continue reading

The Most vivid and memorable firework festivals world!


Launch pyrotechnic effects always attracted people. Bright lights twinkling in the sky is not only a sign of the holiday for us, but the mark of any large-scale celebrations!


It should be noted that here hold several events dedicated to the launch of fireworks. The may festival is timed to the beginning of the planting season and its history is very ancient. Before agriculture people tried to make the mercy of the Rain God, and at the same time – have a good rest before the summer season. And to this day, this ritual is alive, despite the abundance of modern technology that almost all perform for us. The people of Thailand are very serious about this ritual that they prepare in advance rockets and fireworks. Throughout the event (2 days) in the Park Yasothon residents organize performances, dancing and having fun, let the missiles in the sky and ensure, that the charge of their team soared above the rest. Even in Thailand there is a second such festival, only without religious traditions. He is celebrated at the end of the year and is held with the participation of the United States, Canada, China and Singapore.

South Korea, Seoul

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The Most famous carnivals


The carnival in Rio De Janeiro is arranged every year, lasts from three to five days, but usually still lasts longer than the deadline. Opens the carnival fat guy handing Momo the keys to the city. This character is elected annually among the largest inhabitants of Rio. At the carnival, all car traffic in the main streets of the city shall be terminated – now instead of cars here reigns unrivalled in their brightness and beauty show: performances of Samba schools, a huge moving platform with dancers and dancers, beautiful girls in a massive colorful costumes decorated with feathers, crowded fireworks night skies, and live music with dancing till you drop.

In the life of local people the carnival is a very important place – many of them from childhood annually prepare for it and participate. By the way, in stores Rio you can find costumes even for two-year-olds that already says something. Preparing for the next carnival begins immediately after the previous one. The more that each event brings to the Treasury of the city a large income. I must say that this carnival takes place in many Brazilian cities, but few of them can outdo its opulence and scale of the one that happens in Rio.

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