Top 10 interesting and crazy festivals around the world
  The Pilgrimage Of The Gypsies, France Saintes-Maries-de-La-Mer is a historical city and a place of pilgrimage in southern France. Crowds of pilgrims from all over the world come to…

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Guide to classical music festivals in Europe
A series of annual concerts at London's Royal albert hall, passing intermittently almost 120 years. Oversees her BBC — and this fact can be seen that for British culture event…

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The Most vivid and memorable firework festivals world!


Launch pyrotechnic effects always attracted people. Bright lights twinkling in the sky is not only a sign of the holiday for us, but the mark of any large-scale celebrations!


It should be noted that here hold several events dedicated to the launch of fireworks. The may festival is timed to the beginning of the planting season and its history is very ancient. Before agriculture people tried to make the mercy of the Rain God, and at the same time – have a good rest before the summer season. And to this day, this ritual is alive, despite the abundance of modern technology that almost all perform for us. The people of Thailand are very serious about this ritual that they prepare in advance rockets and fireworks. Throughout the event (2 days) in the Park Yasothon residents organize performances, dancing and having fun, let the missiles in the sky and ensure, that the charge of their team soared above the rest. Even in Thailand there is a second such festival, only without religious traditions. He is celebrated at the end of the year and is held with the participation of the United States, Canada, China and Singapore.

South Korea, Seoul

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What associations do you have, if you mention the words “Bavarian”, Munich and beer? Every adult at least once in my life heard of such a thing very extraordinary in its kind event like Oktoberfest. Heard of it? Of course!

At the mention of this beer festival we immediately arises before the eyes of a very amusing picture – unmatched cityscape of Munich. crowds of tourists, festivals and unique local traditions. The event this has not come about one day, and as much as a fortnight – from mid-September to early October. Every year, here comes more than six million guests from different countries, taking with them the most pleasant and joyful memories of a truly unique party, known throughout the world. The festival of beer on average is not without more than seven million liters of beer, which honored about half a million roast chickens. For a holiday of this magnitude Munich is prepared long before!

The first days filled Oktoberfest has long become a tradition events. So, first, with all the honors come the Family of the Owners of the Tents actually are as a result, the Central figures of the whole holiday. On the same day and held the official opening of Oktoberfest.

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A Collection of Russian folk traditions, celebrations and rituals


Here you’ll find Russian superstitions and omens connected with national and religious holidays. Folk and religious in our culture are closely intertwined, and sometimes it is impossible to separate one from the other.

The Church calendar specifying the days honoring saints, fasts and feasts in the Russian tradition significantly changed. Also, as in the pagan period, a year in the perception of the peasant is divided into a dark, dangerous time, and the period of light, as benevolent. Significant changes were Holy and righteous, which tells the Church. Basically, the saints became the patrons of agricultural and household chores. Moreover, every Saint has given his “site of work” is to take care of children’s health, protect the cattle from wild animals, to protect from the violence of natural elements. Thus, in our culture blended pagan and Christian start.

Every day in the Russian folk calendar has its own traditions, customs and symbols, every day is associated with certain Proverbs and history. It is not surprising that national holidays have become a real encyclopedia of country experience. Even more interestingly, all of these experiences were passed down mostly orally from generation to generation. Any farmer know what day to sow flax, what day is designed to repair the instrument Continue reading