Program of the Festival is the Jazz
This fall, the international festival of "Jazz" extremely will expand and will become of dance and music and will be held in St. Petersburg from 5 October to 9 November…

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Easter festivals in Europe
  Before Easter there are very few time, and traditionally, Europe is celebrating the holiday Easter arts festivals. Especially generous event was spring in Austria, there will be three festival…

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The 7 best circuses of the world


The kick drums and the audience opened his mouth in surprise, a wave of rope and fragile girl falls down from the dome, and after landing, turns into a flock of white doves. “What a circus!” – say you’ll be right. How!

1. Cirque du Soleil

Famous and already well familiar to inhabitants of Moscow canadian circus Cirque du Soleil touring the world for over 30 years. Actually the circus, in the classic sense, Cirque du Soleil is not. It’s an amazing mix of theatre, circus arts and street entertainment. Every show has its own unique plot and theme. His glory Cirque du Soleil got through breathtaking acrobatic performances, the acoustics, which makes the audience swoon in anticipation of a miracle and costumes of actors, careful attention to detail. Catch du Soleil is not so easy, the circus has toured across countries and continents, visiting world capitals every few years.

Average ticket price: $ 200.

2. Shanghai Circus World

«the Best circus show China” – so aptly and briefly include Shanghai circus criticism. Shanghai Circus World stands on its own arena in the same area of the stadium and Guangzhong Park. and touring the world.

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Top 10 interesting and crazy festivals around the world


The Pilgrimage Of The Gypsies, France

Saintes-Maries-de-La-Mer is a historical city and a place of pilgrimage in southern France. Crowds of pilgrims from all over the world come to see the relics of the three saints Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome and Mary Jacob. Black woman Saint Sarah, the patron Saint of the Gypsies, according to rumors, was a housemaid Mary Three.

Gypsies from all over the world come here, may 24th, the date, expected date of her arrival in France in 42 ad. Thousands of people carry the statue into the sea, repeating her arrival on the coast of France. This is a lovely holiday with songs and dances, taken in 42 ad, the magical times.

Ride of the kings is a traditional folk festival, which is held every year in late may in a small town in the Czech Republic under the name of vlčnov. It is an old town, with a population of just over three thousand, which comes alive on the last Sunday of may every year, when tourists and locals come together to have fun at this legendary festival, which has more than 500 years.

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The Best summer festivals in Europe


Summer: strawberries, sun loungers, wasps – and a Grand gathering of the world famous rock bands in the open air. Yes, European summer can only mean one thing – time music festivals. Every year, the entire continent is filled with plenty of music fans with free views on life, resting in the open sun – from song festivals in Spain before the festival of pop music and poetry in Suffolk. In this article we provide a brief description of the biggest, boldest, best of the best events that you should bear in mind when you plan a summer vacation in Europe.

Roskilde (Denmark )

In two words: 100000 Scandinavians in the field, swaying, singing, having fun and having a blast at the largest musical Orgy in Northern Europe.

When: in 2011 the festival will be held from 30 June to 3 July. Participants: Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, PJ Harvey and TV On The Radio.

Bestfest (Bucharest, Romania)

In a nutshell: a reputable and well-positioned. The largest and most destructive estimates of eyewitnesses festival in Romania takes place on the lake just ten minutes drive from the airport of Bucharest. And cheap beer too.

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