The Most unusual festivals of the world

Kilkis (city), international festival, Famous natives
Kilkis (Greek. ; Kilkis; Bolg. The Kukush and tour. Klk) is a city in Greece. in Central Macedonia. Is the capital of the Prefecture of Kilkis. The population for 2001…

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Script advertising festival
  What is advertising, and how to treat it, we are sure they know everything. Or not? Advertising – this is when some people advertise the goods of others, and…

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The Best summer festivals in Europe


Summer: strawberries, sun loungers, wasps – and a Grand gathering of the world famous rock bands in the open air. Yes, European summer can only mean one thing – time music festivals. Every year, the entire continent is filled with plenty of music fans with free views on life, resting in the open sun – from song festivals in Spain before the festival of pop music and poetry in Suffolk. In this article we provide a brief description of the biggest, boldest, best of the best events that you should bear in mind when you plan a summer vacation in Europe.

Roskilde (Denmark )

In two words: 100000 Scandinavians in the field, swaying, singing, having fun and having a blast at the largest musical Orgy in Northern Europe.

When: in 2011 the festival will be held from 30 June to 3 July. Participants: Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, PJ Harvey and TV On The Radio.

Bestfest (Bucharest, Romania)

In a nutshell: a reputable and well-positioned. The largest and most destructive estimates of eyewitnesses festival in Romania takes place on the lake just ten minutes drive from the airport of Bucharest. And cheap beer too.

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Script advertising festival


What is advertising, and how to treat it, we are sure they know everything. Or not?

Advertising – this is when some people advertise the goods of others, and thus benefit and first and second, with the exception of those people who absorbs this ad. But what to do now without advertising anywhere, because it – the engine of progress.

And, by the way, in the world there are even advertising festivals, which are held with fun and panache. And then another, and award winners.

“Look at you!”, you exclaim incredulously, and will be wrong. Here’s the proof – the script of the regional festival of advertising “Yes… the Hedgehog!”.

We decided to post it here for you to be able at any time to hold such a festival, and you were also awarded. Should someone else benefit from advertising in addition to producers and advertisers. “Yes… the Hedgehog!” the cheerful festival of the people!

Alexey Anisimov


The script of the fourth regional advertising festival in Kazan

MODERATOR – Good evening, gentlemen!

LEADING – Good evening, members and guests of Kazan fourth festival of regional advertising and PR “Yeah… the Hedgehog!”

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Festivals of the world: 10 most outstanding and spectacular!

In addition to the festivals, which are celebrated worldwide, there are some that are celebrated in only one place, in the bottom of the city, in one country. And, of course, many travelers are eager to get to them, because to see all this splendor can only be found here and nowhere else! offers you to go for the brightest and grandest festivals in the world and see them with my own eyes (to start even with the screen).

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro, perhaps the most famous carnival in the world. It is held only once a year, in February or early March. Calculation date depends on Easter. The carnival in Rio necessarily begins Thursday, exactly 40 days before Easter, lasts 4 days and 4 nights and ends on the last day before lent.

So, in 2013, the carnival was held February 9-12

In 2014, the year the carnival falls on March 1-4

In 2015 February 14-17

In 2016 — February 6-9

In 2017, 25-28 February

In 2018 — February 10-13

In the Brazilian carnival is passionate and fiery Samba. The best Samba schools from all over Brazil show these days his skills. All the action takes place on moving platforms, which adorns each school in accordance with the selected theme. They pass by enthusiastic Continue reading

Student festivals in the world

Student life is not only boring lectures, seminars, colloquiums, tests, quizzes and exams. It is also a rich, vibrant life, full of new friends, parties, concerts, and other events. A special place in her hold, and student festivals that take place around the world.

Student spring (Russia)

Perhaps, this festival — the brightest, largest and most important event for Russian students. It is here that universities show their pride and their wealth: the most talented, gifted, capable and active students. In recent years the festival has grown from a student initiative in bright, colorful professional show. The jury is getting harder and harder to surprise. There is a new direction of the Student spring – a theatrical performance. In recent times it has become popular to ask the festival theme. Festival “Student spring” takes place in three stages. At first this city, then regional and, eventually, nationwide.

International student music festival in Belfort (France)

It turns out that this festival has been held for the past 22 years in the French city of Belfort. The participation of 138 teams from 35 countries: Germany, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, China, Cuba, Spain, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, India, Iraq, Italy, Continue reading

Guide to classical music festivals in Europe

A series of annual concerts at London’s Royal albert hall, passing intermittently almost 120 years. Oversees her BBC — and this fact can be seen that for British culture event is iconic. Traditionally at The Proms brings leading conductors and performers of the world, the same repertoire ranges from evergreen classics like Mahler or Dvorak to works, frankly, exotic — so, in the past years, the festival gave the world’s most famous “Cantata for the 20th anniversary of October” or Prokofiev almost three hours and requiring for its execution almost 1000 (one thousand) people First Symphony by a little-known English composer Havergal Brian.

The Salzburg festival

The most intriguing component of the program this year — the masses of the great composers: in addition to the Missa Solemnis by Beethoven will be performed much less well-known and popular mass by Mozart, Schubert and Bruckner. Among the Opera performances of “Fidelio” by Beethoven (which is the responsibility frequenter of the festival Franz Welser), “the Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart and amazing thing of Wolfgang Rihm’s “Conquest of Mexico”.

Bayreuth theatre festival

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Day of the Bows. The script summer holiday.
Holiday Bows for children of the middle group. The idea of this holiday I had in 1999. I usually spend this holiday in late July. It helps my new pupils…

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Script advertising festival
  What is advertising, and how to treat it, we are sure they know everything. Or not? Advertising – this is when some people advertise the goods of others, and…