The Most unusual festivals of the world

Good beer festival, Autumn Festival of wine or both
  Don't you just love the fall season, the grapes ripe for harvest, beer is at the forefront with the Oktoberfest and all is right with the world. This is…

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Script birthday "Avatar" or welcome to the planet Pandora!
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The Most unusual festivals of the world


The journal “Time Magazine” presented a series of photographs dedicated to the most fun entertainment in different corners of our planet.

Thailand. Monkey Banquet in the province of lop Buri.

Each year, about 600 monkeys enjoying luxury “Royal” lunch only arranged for the primates.

For animals serves a huge buffet with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

A feast is held in honor of the God Rama, who according to the legend, along with the monkey army defeated many of his opponents.

Philippines. Festival of piglets in the city Malolos, now the administrative center of the province of Bulacan.

The province is a major supplier of pork in the Philippines and on this occasion there place for the annual carnival costumed pigs. Animals dress up and decorate: “girls” paint sponge, dress Quinceanera dresses and crowned with a crown. “Boys” flaunt in Maritime suits, clown outfits or suits.

India. The festival of colors in new Delhi.

The holiday is celebrated on the first day of spring, when, according to legend, killed the evil demon Holika. In each city lit bonfires, symbolizing the end of winter and the death of evil spirits. The fire burnt the effigy of the Holika. In the morning people go to the street, and the fun begins Continue reading

The Most famous carnivals


The carnival in Rio De Janeiro is arranged every year, lasts from three to five days, but usually still lasts longer than the deadline. Opens the carnival fat guy handing Momo the keys to the city. This character is elected annually among the largest inhabitants of Rio. At the carnival, all car traffic in the main streets of the city shall be terminated – now instead of cars here reigns unrivalled in their brightness and beauty show: performances of Samba schools, a huge moving platform with dancers and dancers, beautiful girls in a massive colorful costumes decorated with feathers, crowded fireworks night skies, and live music with dancing till you drop.

In the life of local people the carnival is a very important place – many of them from childhood annually prepare for it and participate. By the way, in stores Rio you can find costumes even for two-year-olds that already says something. Preparing for the next carnival begins immediately after the previous one. The more that each event brings to the Treasury of the city a large income. I must say that this carnival takes place in many Brazilian cities, but few of them can outdo its opulence and scale of the one that happens in Rio.

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Carnival is in full swing. All over the world are the last celebration before lent, which marks the end of winter and arrival of spring.

For almost a month across Europe and America passed numerous festivals. Culminated in the largest and most famous carnival held in the last weekend of the carnival in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro: 6 million and 900 thousand tourists filled the streets to see the fun parades and extravagant processions of the best Samba schools.

In today’s edition of photos from carnivals and various parades that took place the last few weeks around the world.

Carnivals is the costumed holidays associated with masked balls and colorful parades, folk festivals and theatrical performances. They are celebrated before lent.

Carnival in Nazare da Mata in the northeast of Brazil, on March 2

“King of gastronomy” is this year the main theme of the carnival in nice, France, March 2,

Carnival in Venice under the title of “Wonder and fantasy nature”, Italy, February 23,

Traditional regatta on the Grand canal during the Venetian carnival. Venice, Italy, on 16 February

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Kilkis (city), international festival, Famous natives

Kilkis (Greek. ; Kilkis; Bolg. The Kukush and tour. Klk) is a city in Greece. in Central Macedonia. Is the capital of the Prefecture of Kilkis. The population for 2001 18 thousand people. The primary economic activity was agriculture. Although recently is the rapid development of industry in the region.

International festival

Every year, in September, the city hosts the international festival of puppetry and pantomime.

Notable natives

Alexander Stanishev (1888-1945), Bulgarian doctor, scientist, statesman.



With the transition of the inhabitants to Christianity, formed the diocese Calicos. After the SIXTH century it intensively settled by the southern Slavs from the Bulgarian group. Bulgarian Slavs called the town of Kukush. In the beginning of the 10th century, the area of Kukush goes to Bulgaria. Many of its inhabitants moved to southern Italian Calabria, which then was part of the Byzantine Empire, and founded there the city of Galician (the Gallician), whose residents today remember their origin from Kallikon Macedonia and preserve their Greek identity and traditions..

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Festival marathon


This fall has been opened for festival season the film “the Bread day” . Fresh production .

The first “Bread day” was accepted into the competition program of feature films the X Anniversary International festival of Orthodox cinema “Cover” . which will be held in Kyiv from 11 to 15 October this year.

On the recommendation of the organizing Committee of this festival, “Bread day” included in the competition program of the International Charity film Festival “Radiant angel” . G. Moscow and was submitted to the international festival of Orthodox films “Radonezh” . which is supported by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

– Why “the Bread day” attracted the attention of the Orthodox festivals?

According to program Director of the festival “Pokrov” Vadim Romanenko . “We were attracted by a powerful positive message of this film. In the finale we see true human happiness, suffering, and honest. I myself wanted. This is how the film was on the festival”.

It is important to note that for the writer the “Bread of the day” Nicholas Sycara . it was the first experience in writing the script of the drama genre.

– Was it hard to change your usual style? Probably, there is a big difference in creating scripts for light, funny films for serious. It was hard?

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The Most unusual festivals of the world
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