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Script advertising festival


What is advertising, and how to treat it, we are sure they know everything. Or not?

Advertising – this is when some people advertise the goods of others, and thus benefit and first and second, with the exception of those people who absorbs this ad. But what to do now without advertising anywhere, because it – the engine of progress.

And, by the way, in the world there are even advertising festivals, which are held with fun and panache. And then another, and award winners.

“Look at you!”, you exclaim incredulously, and will be wrong. Here’s the proof – the script of the regional festival of advertising “Yes… the Hedgehog!”.

We decided to post it here for you to be able at any time to hold such a festival, and you were also awarded. Should someone else benefit from advertising in addition to producers and advertisers. “Yes… the Hedgehog!” the cheerful festival of the people!

Alexey Anisimov


The script of the fourth regional advertising festival in Kazan

MODERATOR – Good evening, gentlemen!

LEADING – Good evening, members and guests of Kazan fourth festival of regional advertising and PR “Yeah… the Hedgehog!”

MODERATOR – Good evening all, who loves advertising…

LEADING – the Advertising which gullible people sometimes go crazy, buying pigs in pokes and other animals, and sometimes these people even raise their hands in Holy – thrown from the Windows of their TVs!

MODERATOR – But, no matter what, still alive and well, and if that is true, then it is necessary for someone. Well… by the Way, it is estimated that 50% of the population of humanity – underground schizophrenics… And all of them at night dreaming to impose brooms, then they REKLAMNOE, and the market to push.

LEADING – AND others – paranoid, you need to think – is credited with the toe, to the chervonets and the steward…

On a scene there is a man in evening dress.

PEOPLE – Stop it, immediately! Well how you can mock the saints! It’s time to announce the nominees, and you’ve done a farce… Let’s talk about the festival “Yes… the Hedgehog”.

LEADING – who are you?

PEOPLE – I? I am a person who loves advertising. And you here about it are nonsense…

MODERATOR – And you don’t be nervous! You won as advertising-fashioned! Okay, now, for you personally, drunk hedgehog will finally emerge from the fog, and we learn – Hu is Hu.

PEOPLE – Which means – drunk hedgehog? What drunk hedgehog?

MODERATOR – AND about which is sung in the famous song: “Hedgehogs are different: blue, yellow, drunken”.

PEOPLE – once again You kidding me?

LEADING – everything, everything, Everything! We are gradually moving on to advertising, but rather to the past festival and to the nominees! Well, no, I can’t!

MODERATOR – That – can’t?

LEADING – Look at this type (Nods) and I remember one social advertising “Dystrophic, remember, together you seem to be fatter!”

MODERATOR – Cool! But something else?

LEADING – Please! Promotional video, dedicated to our militia! It sounds like this: “Surrendered himself – take a friend”! (Man) Well, how?

PEOPLE – AND no how! It is quite another story!

MODERATOR – what you need is an Aria from the Opera: “Hedgehog in the fog?” Let’s do it! And so! We remind you that today in this room sums up the festival regional advertising and PR “Yeah… the Hedgehog” in the following categories: Television advertising!

LEADING – Print advertising!

MODERATOR – Advertising to the Internet!

LEADING – Label and packaging!

MODERATOR – Advertising and feast!

LEADING – Audio advertising!

MODERATOR – Printed matter!

LEADING – Corporate identity!

MODERATOR – Outdoor advertising!

LEADING – the competition was attended work, published in 2001!

MODERATOR – AND now, finally, it is time to know the winner in the category of…

LEADING – AND we – I will tell you a replica, and you guess the category where it can be used.

MODERATOR – Great idea! Let’s try!

LEADING – the Attention, the phrase: “We guarantee you a long and reliable relationship!” Where is it?

PEOPLE – Ha! It’s from a television cellular advertising!

LEADING – Right! Television advertising… contraceptives! “We guarantee you a long and reliable relationship!”

MODERATOR – Really cool would be a video! But, not to digress, but this man may beat us. Attention, ladies and gentlemen, now we finally know who is the winner in the nomination “Television advertising”!

Sounds rhyme:

To be cool the advertiser

The TV

From the madhouse very close,

MODERATOR – WITH one nomination understood, and it is time to move seamlessly to the next – Printed advertising. Need to give this ad tribute – she’s not as annoying as television. If that – it can… (Depicts how comcat paper) what’s more, among this advertisement there are real pearls! (Man) come on, quickly, bring me a text with print advertising.

PEOPLE – Please. “We buy nonferrous scrap. Regular crowbars to offer!”