Holidays of the peoples of the world
  Today's carnivals-the favorite holidays of many Nations, living in different countries and on different continents. It came from the Latin word "carrus navalis", which means "amusing chariot", that is,…

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The Most unusual festivals of the world
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Festival marathon


This fall has been opened for festival season the film “the Bread day” . Fresh production .

The first “Bread day” was accepted into the competition program of feature films the X Anniversary International festival of Orthodox cinema “Cover” . which will be held in Kyiv from 11 to 15 October this year.

On the recommendation of the organizing Committee of this festival, “Bread day” included in the competition program of the International Charity film Festival “Radiant angel” . G. Moscow and was submitted to the international festival of Orthodox films “Radonezh” . which is supported by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

– Why “the Bread day” attracted the attention of the Orthodox festivals?

According to program Director of the festival “Pokrov” Vadim Romanenko . “We were attracted by a powerful positive message of this film. In the finale we see true human happiness, suffering, and honest. I myself wanted. This is how the film was on the festival”.

It is important to note that for the writer the “Bread of the day” Nicholas Sycara . it was the first experience in writing the script of the drama genre.

– Was it hard to change your usual style? Probably, there is a big difference in creating scripts for light, funny films for serious. It was hard?

Nicholas Snitsar: Yes, the genre is required other approaches – exacerbation of conflicts, complications of obstacles to be overcome by heroes. Many of the situations were after studying the criminal news archives. Had to do the research and learn about aspects of life (the mockery of the old men, bondage, meanness traders, etc.), from which I, as probably most normal people, try to stay away. Yes, and the heroes had to Tinker — most of them I could have a grandson, so in order that the images were authentic, I tried to learn more about the psychology of older people. Besides, I got the opportunity to write on the script part of our family’s history – the story of Konstantin Petrovich – it is the story of my grandfather. Very pleased with that, focusing on the lives of ordinary people has found an echo in the hearts of the audience.

General producer Julia Chernyavskaya about “the Bread day”:

– One of the main goals that we had while creating this painting was to draw public attention to the problem of the elderly. Unfortunately, in today’s cruel world, they often become victims of fraud. Unscrupulous and dishonest betraying seniors, taking the last of his money and property. Therefore, planning a film we were hoping for a public outcry and the government response. Fortunately, the film’s Director Maxim mekhed coped with the task and the television movie “the Bread day” will be shown on major TV channels in Ukraine on inter and in Russia – on RTR, and presented at three major film festivals. Hopefully we’ll be able to reach the hearts of viewers and possibly assist in solving a huge social problem.

International festival of Orthodox cinema “Cover” was founded in October 2003. The aim of the film festival “Pokrov” is to promote films with Christian content and awarding the best of Orthodox films with special prizes and awards. Festival “Pokrov” was established as an annual and is held on the eve of or during the feast of “the Holy virgin”. Every year at the festival “Pokrov” there are world premieres of feature films that have become classics of Orthodox cinema. The main prize is a hand icon “Holy virgin”.

International charity film festival “Radiant angel” was founded in 2006 and has become one of the priority projects of Complex target program “Spiritual and moral culture of the younger generation.” The spiritual guardian of the festival – his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. The festival is supported by the President of the Foundation for Socio-cultural initiatives, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Comprehensive target program “Spiritually-moral culture of the younger generation of Russia’ Svetlana Medvedeva. His audience has shown a great interest in films, oriented to the spiritual Renaissance of the country, patriotism, morality, culture. The films presented by the selectors in the film, are examined in the Spiritual Advisory Council, which included – the professors and teachers of the Moscow Theological Academy, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University, famous clergymen. The festival program consists of meetings with the masters of Russian cinema, retrospective and thematic shows, commemorative and anniversary dates.

International festival of cinema and television programs “Radonezh” – a recognized world leader in the field of religious, spiritual and moral documentaries. The festival is held with the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill in Moscow in the House of cinema of the Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation with the support of the Ministry of culture, Ministry of Telecom and mass communications, Federal Agency for cinematography, the Moscow Government, the Union of cinematographers of Russia, the Synodal information Department of the Synodal Department for relations of Church and society, Patriarchies Council for culture, DECR. Festival “Radonezh” is held regularly since 1995. The event is traditionally attended by about 200 state and non-state film & broadcasting from around the world.