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Summer Baby games

Summer is in full swing, students — vacation, kids can do a lot more walking – and those who are at home with their mothers-grandmothers, and after kindergarten, and more – for cottages and resorts. The theme of the organisation of the games with the kids on the street in the summer care of almost all moms, and many thought it, wrote about it on blogs. Over the past summer I accumulated a lot of material about the summer games and on the mom Blogs.

But first let us pay attention to the comment of Julia Lugovskoy:

…there is a communal space games. No matter how much make up anyway, someone already did. But there is a reason to rejoice that in a good game that many children play.

We think so too. Therefore, collecting games, we see in fact the frequent repetition of descriptions of the same games. And yet, in nearly every material or have some custom games or game features are known. So go, look, maybe something will be useful.

And in the ladders at the end of summer you told me that was interesting, what you were busy and your kids:

In 2013, in category Develop-ka! Maria Kostyuchenko, the author of the blog «Learn to play» school and “Learning by playing”, made for us a great review of the Game in nature for children and in 2014 in this section an overview of Playing with sand on the planet Summer .

another collection of: Games for kids on the road – it was in the summer a lot of travel.

At the end of summer 2013 were collected activities for children in summer – 100 fun ploys.

It is in the height of summer one of the finest options something special. so fun, simple and to the sea these summer sensations! — holiday soap bubbles .

Note several blogs, which are regularly published materials about the summer games: Xenia, the author of the blog ko-ko-ko KIDS, publishes every summer, this year there is even a seasonal selection – summer . Xenia is always a lot of great original ideas, wonderful pictures.

Lugovskaya Julia in one of the old articles “Active play in pairs of adult-child” . writes:

I am interested to collect these games, where children and parents are partners. On holidays such classes are the most favorite among children . And parents also need them to remember the excitement of the game, to feel needed and appropriate in the children’s company, learn to cooperate and just to make the child happy. … games are not only for holiday, at home or on the go, they are also useful.

On the blog Yulia you can find a lot of interesting, often described role-playing games. Not only write posts about the summer games on the blog «Mom, let’s play…», but also periodically conducts training «Games For Children On the street in the Summer» (and off-line and online) Oksana Agarkova. She shared the opportunity of familiarizing children to the landscape design — Land Art .

Via the blog Quiet Domesticity remember what «nature has no bad weather», and learn how to launch tiny boats . and rejoice another wonderful discovery — homemade garden for gnomes and fairies .

About his small garden on the balcony and told Tavika — a wonderful pastime for those who remain in the summer in the city. She also compiled a list of games that you can play with the kids outside in the summer . Here and organized games and sports competitions, and playing with crayons, and more.

Still recommend you to read the Poems about games from Svetlana Skoryk. A game called poems and rhymes — it’s great.

In 1998 was released the book “the Summer holidays, games and fun”, where disclosed subject development of Russian folk holidays and entertain kids in the summer outdoors. Under the direction of G. N. Grishina, V. M. Petrov, L. D. Korotkova. The Internet has a quality scan of this book in PDF. In the book of 128 leaves.

In 2014 left is a new book: Zinaida Severe, Philip stern “Zanimalni. Summer. Exciting activities for children and parents”. Publisher: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Series: MYTH. Children 32 pages. You can get one, has good reviews.

Well, no matter how beautiful he was an active summer holiday, for some it will still remain relevant educational games using a variety of electronic devices, the choice of which is now so great. Most likely, their share in the summer will have less time, but to Supplement or revise its collection of useful games, we recommend you to read: Best educational games for iPad: top-12 . The most interesting educational games for kids on Android . And we hope that you were able to choose activities for themselves and their children. All good summer holidays!