Best spring carnivals of the world
  The world's best carnivals, which is a great way to have fun before lent by readers of the Guardian. 1. In the first place: Mas Dominik, Roseau, Dominica. This…

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Festival - Kharkiv autumn - hosted a beauty pageant Queen and a King of Autumn
  On 20 October in the Cultural-entertaining center "Radmir" of Kharkov took place all-Ukrainian festival of talent "Kharkiv autumn 2013" the beauty contest "Queen of the King of Autumn", which…

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Top 10 interesting and crazy festivals around the world


The Pilgrimage Of The Gypsies, France

Saintes-Maries-de-La-Mer is a historical city and a place of pilgrimage in southern France. Crowds of pilgrims from all over the world come to see the relics of the three saints Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome and Mary Jacob. Black woman Saint Sarah, the patron Saint of the Gypsies, according to rumors, was a housemaid Mary Three.

Gypsies from all over the world come here, may 24th, the date, expected date of her arrival in France in 42 ad. Thousands of people carry the statue into the sea, repeating her arrival on the coast of France. This is a lovely holiday with songs and dances, taken in 42 ad, the magical times.

Ride of the kings is a traditional folk festival, which is held every year in late may in a small town in the Czech Republic under the name of vlčnov. It is an old town, with a population of just over three thousand, which comes alive on the last Sunday of may every year, when tourists and locals come together to have fun at this legendary festival, which has more than 500 years.

This is one of the oldest folk festivals in Europe and it has a funny story. In 1469 the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus was defeated by his father in the Czech-Hungarian war. In order to avoid capture, he dressed in women’s clothes with ribbons and jewelry and returned to his residence in trenčín. But experts have a different opinion, they believe that this ritual, which is the transition into adulthood for young men who become soldiers.

If you feel uncomfortable at the sight of snakes, then this holiday is not for you. But if you love adventure and you are a hard man to scare, then hurry to the town of Cocullo in Italy, on the feast of the snake catchers. St. Dominic of Sora lived in the eleventh century and the treatment of people suffering from the bites of poisonous snakes. However, this festival existed long before Christianity. Its pagan roots can be traced back to Angeli – the goddess of snakes, which was holding a snake in one hand and a cure for snake venom in the other. Starting from the first of may, every year, locals “dressed up” the statue of St Dominic live snakes. The statues stand on the town square and walk with them around the city.

Festival of clowns, Denmark

To participate in a mad race, is pumped by a huge head cheese to win her prize. Doesn’t sound fun? But this holiday just fits in our selection are my joy and uniqueness. The village of Stilton is home to the world famous Stilton cheese and every year in may, this cheese has a Central place. Teams of four players roll a wheel of cheese down the road, as quickly as possible. In addition to this absurd classes, there are plenty of other activities: music, dancing, fairground rides and lots of fun.

La Tomatina is a famous festival of Spain, it is held in the Valencian town Bunol. Usually it is held on the last Wednesday of August and is part of a larger week-long holiday in this town. There are many theories about the creation of this festival. The most popular of them: in 1945 a group of young people got mad that they took to participate in the parade to get revenge they fight more food.

Next year, again these young men started a fight with tomatoes at this time of the year. This tradition was gaining fans while General Franco banned it. Tradition has returned with a vengeance in the 1970’s after his death and continues to gain popularity until now. Participants throw tomatoes just for fun. Tomatoes imported trucks and other vehicles.

Holi, India

Indian calendar almost half red because of the religious holidays of several religions. Some of the most unique festivals in the world, can also be found here. But if we narrow the hundreds of holidays to one of the biggest and brightest then you should visit India during Holi.

The history of this festival associated with Hinduism and its deities. Annually, in March, Indians, regardless of religion, color to each other are in different colors. There are different types of weapons, ready to throw paint at any target. Most popular – water balloons and squirt guns. To add color use colored liquids powder, oil of different colors and so on.

The Haro wine festival, Spain

When it comes to pouring on each other, nobody does it better than in Spain. If you’re still not rested here, you just have to come because, even Oktoberfest is not to be compared with this insanity. It all happens on June 29, the day of the patron Saint Haro, San Pedro. The mayor carries the wine into the head of the procession, on horseback.

Followed by hordes of tourists and citizens, who carry as much red wine in all imaginable and unimaginable reservoirs on Earth. What follows then, can only be described as complete chaos. Everyone starts to pour each other wine, getting drunk in the process.

This is no ordinary festival, unlike other holidays in the TOP 10, day frozen guy – a rite or ritual that originated in 1989. Norwegian guy named Baug brought the dead body of his grandfather, Bredo in USA, hranu it in dry ice on the ship. Since 1993, the mother of Bauga AUD kept his father’s body in a cryogenic freeze in the shed behind her house. Bug was deported from the U.S. after the expiration of the visa, and Aud was evicted from her home because she lived without running water and electricity, there is illegal. A local reporter has learned about the body, and the news quickly spread throughout the city. The celebration of frozen Breda is celebrated from Friday to Sunday in the first week of March. Strange things happen on this festival, people dressed in costumes, trying to be like the corpse of Bredo, there are around hearses, held a strange contests and more.