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Festival Delicious Blog

August 25 in “Yakut mountains”, a festival dedicated to the Delicious birthday Blog. We finally gathered together all the photos, and that means it is time for a detailed photo of the last event. Under the cut is a lot of photos.

For journalists, the festival began half an hour before the start of the main program with a press conference.

Participants from left to right: Michael Gregorchik, Tasha, Lopatenko, your obedient servant, (aka Tatiana Nazaruk), Gabriel Zanardelli and Liubou Kavaliova.

Closer to 13.00 began to arrive EN masse guests. Many were in their cars, more people came in specially organized bus routes. There were MANY visitors – all day festival was attended by about 3.5 thousand people.

At this time it began to rain, but well-meaning visitors, fortunately, not confused.

On the main floor throughout the day there were master-classes in carving from the leading expert in this area – the sorceress Janna Dyatlov.

On the carving site was a real full house.

It was possible not only to see how Jeanne creates his masterpieces, but also to learn the art of carving. What a lot of people and made it Difficult even to count the number of oranges, mandrino, apples and other fruit carved into flowers, baskets and other edible decorations. And in the late afternoon even held a competition, in which participants were carved out of watermelons compositions in photography.

This beauty was carved by Jeanne specially for the festival.

Directly next to the entrance there is a Park culinary sculptures that have become downright stars numerous photo shoots.

Hot chocolate:

Greek salad :

Fruit tart:

Particularly active visitors had a chance in the pleasure to play in lasertag and ride the quads.

After the solemn opening of the festival started workshops. All the dishes prepared by the chef during the day, viewers could try. Many are even fortunate enough to receive the portions are furnished for filing in expensive restaurants

The first was a master class in cooking risotto and paella from the master of Italian cuisine Gabriel Zanardelli.

Then there were bulbuley from Denis Svetova and bigos from Alexander Chikilevskaya.

There is also not restricted to the work of chefs, one of the spectators lucky to be the assistant of Denis Svetova and to participate directly in the preparation of bulbarrow.

By the time the long-awaited barbecue battle for prizes from Kikkoman has finally cleared up – the rain has ended and start to look out of the sun. Chefs Guild of chefs Belarus cooked on the grill seven different products: salmon, beef, lamb, pork neck, chicken wings, ribs and sausages. Direct the judges of the battle were the spectators, who were able to taste all the prepared delicacies.

The great excitement among the guests of the festival called salmon cooked Eugene Sadowski, chef Pro-Sushi.By. Actually, he was declared the winner of the battle, and also received the audience award.

After the BBQ battle continued the series of workshops. Michael Gregorchik together with an assistant from the audience prepared horseradish and buckwheat liqueur based on vodka.

According to witnesses-tasters, alcohol in the horseradish is not felt due to the horseradish and honey

Then was indescribably delicious cheese casserole from Ivan fedyshina cottage cheese and sour cream “Savushkin product”. How delicious it was, can be judged from the fact that the masterpiece weighing more than 20 kg disappeared from the tasting table in just a few minutes

Eugene galetskogo prepared hrechanyky especially for the youngest guests of the festival. Buckwheat pancakes served with berry sauce.

Paul Krichevsky prepared Krupnik – Belarusian thick soup.

And then it was time the world’s largest headstock. In its preparation took about 500 kg of potatoes, 30 pounds of onions, 10 pounds of bacon, 20 kg of flour, 100 eggs and 5 kg of salt. In the solemn removal of money involved more than 20 people.

The measurement is 4.2 1.7 meters.

Ritual is the first piece cut my hand.

And then it started:

To say that grandma was in great demand – it does not say It ended very quickly. Additionally pleasure expected of volunteers willing to participate in the competition for fast eating the dough.

Completion of the culinary program was a master class from me and the Tashi Lopatenko. We prepared two sauce for pasta – pesto with pistachios and cream with walnuts and a light cocktail “Twilight”.

During the shows, which alternated master-classes in the evening, addressed the team of KVN BGU and singer Alexey Gyrfalcon. The guys from the band Dux led by soloist Matthew Cooper just broke up the crowd. Even the cooks at the site of workshops danced

Then it shows incredible sand paintings performed by Natalia brui.

The plot was specially prepared for the Delicious birthday blog

I even tried to learn to paint with sand (or sand?).

Alas, I am an artist unimportant and only know how to draw curves chamomile cherries and strange

During the concert, I gave a couple of his books to people who have sent the most original greetings in the SMS contest. Autographed

The evening ended on a mass release of sky lanterns.