Good beer festival, Autumn Festival of wine or both
  Don't you just love the fall season, the grapes ripe for harvest, beer is at the forefront with the Oktoberfest and all is right with the world. This is…

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Summer Baby games
Summer is in full swing, students — vacation, kids can do a lot more walking – and those who are at home with their mothers-grandmothers, and after kindergarten, and more…

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Program of the Festival is the Jazz

This fall, the international festival of “Jazz” extremely will expand and will become of dance and music and will be held in St. Petersburg from 5 October to 9 November at several sites: opens at the Music Hall, will continue in the BackStage, will close in the “Aurora” and ends with a Galaconcert in the “GlavClub”.

Solemn opening of festival will take place on 12 October at 17.00 in the Great hall ’s Music Hall”. Here will make you favorite Danes Jordans Drive “Bouncing Swingers” from Denmark, arrange almost acrobatic show at their concerts. They return to the audience “roots”, to this rock-n-roll of the 50-ies, time hipsters and large vehicles. After resounding success on “the Jazz – 2011″, the team is coming again to turn the festival into a real dance floor. During the speech, neither the musicians nor the audience are – in the midst of the concert the musicians ’s go to the people”, together with the audience to start dancing to their own music. Also, in the framework of “Jazz” to come visit us Moscow festival ’s Swing Boom” in part: “Dudes” (ex-“Mister Twister”), “Crackers”, Jammin’ Hats, Las Vegas Combo, Western Swing Four, Swing Couture, Air Cats – 6 hours of dancing to the live music concert 9 bands playing swing, rock’n’roll, Boogie woogie, jazz, Blues + 5 master classes for all viewers! Meeting

The most important task for us this fall – to restore people’s culture “dancing”, to bring the art of dance to a mass audience, involve the audience in this incredible cycle. This year’s “Jazz” combines the stunning live performances of artists from the competition, master classes of famous teachers from all over the world and demonstrations of the leading dance schools. The main feature of the festival will be attention to popular dance styles of the 60s – swing, rock’n’roll, Lindy hop, Jive, Bossa Nova, etc. In addition, the festival will cover the majority of modern dance styles – for free-style, waacking, contact, tribal, that does not preclude deference to retro – Charleston, step, tap, and ragtime.

Competitions and master classes will be distributed as follows:

5, 19 and 26 October will be held the event ’s Dance marathon festival “Jazz” in the “Hall” and “Aurora”. Program: master classes, dance contest, performances, jam-improvisation with live music. To participate in the competitive program and the software demonstrations are invited Amateur and semi-professional dance groups.

16, 23, 30 October and 6 November in the framework of “Jazz” will be held Harlem Nights BackStage at the club – the events are United by the idea of combining music and dance culture of our city. Offers four nights, which will help to immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of the interaction of Music and Dance in many different styles – classic, jazz, tap & waacking, latin jazz, swing, lindy hop, bebop and UK Jazz. During each of the evenings we will identify winners among both the dancers and the audience. Meeting

We must highlight the master class on UK Jazz Dance legendary dancer, founder and member of the famous team of Brothers in Jazz architecht W. Irwin Lewis (London) – it will be held November 8 at the art center “Printed Yard”.

Will close the festival on November 7 in the “Aurora” – the real Queen of electro-swing Alice Francis (Germany). This musical firecracker was born in the merger of Romanian and Tanzanian bloods and a quarter of a century later exploded over Germany. Her debut album St. James Ballroom happily floundering in the jazz rhythms of the 20-ies, manouche-swing, electro-swing and hip-hop. The Alice calls his cocktail «new Charleston” (neo-charleston), and has every right to! In addition, you incredibly happy dance shows UK Jazz Dance from the legendary dancer Irven Lewis – Creator and founder of the famous team of Brothers In Jazz (London). In addition, there are performances: Just For You, Smooth Kats, Olga Ponomareva and Black & White, “Sberbank”, the award ceremony of the festival and performances of the best dancers.

But that’s not all: on November 9 in the “GlavClub” will be a Gala Concert “Jazz” . BOTO CISSE & Le Sewodi (Senegal), New City Band (Novgorod), Empathy Jazz, “Sberbank”, Olya Bravina, Philip Kijas, Irven Lewis (UK Jazz Dance/Brothers In Jazz (London) and many invited guests.

Published: October 2, 2014 at 19:55