The Most unusual festivals of the world
  The journal "Time Magazine" presented a series of photographs dedicated to the most fun entertainment in different corners of our planet. Thailand. Monkey Banquet in the province of lop…

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I went to the festival of German cars "Volkswagen Audi Festival"
  There is a category of drivers - Wagawaga. They don't just go on the German cars of concern VAG (Volkswagen AG), they just love them things from their wards…

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The Most unusual festivals in the world


If someone comes up with the idea to make a list and list all the unusual holidays of the world, it’s incredibly long! But to make it will be very interesting. Because people are able to come up with the most unexpected occasions, to have fun and have fun!

To begin with, what awaits us in November. At this time is to go to Thailand already only then to get on the monkey Banquet . held every year in the province of lop Buri.

Usually on the last Sunday of November, the locals put on a great buffet for monkeys at the Buddhist temple of PRA Prang Sam Yot. Long (10 meters) tables or separate round tables covered with red cloth, and a special order is placed monkeys favorite food: fruits, vegetables, and even grilled sausages.

But because a person does not know what the rules of etiquette, the spectacle of feasting at the Banquet becomes incredibly funny. After a short time, beautifully Packed dishes suddenly swept from the table, and all the beauty turns into an indescribable mess.

Macaques in Thailand feel about like squirrels in our parks. Moreover, they can also have fun – to pull a woman’s skirt, rip the decoration, to steal her purse. So many of them in the forests, to the feast come several hundred primates. Dedicated to all the triumph of the God Rama, judging according to the legend, the monkey had once helped him to victory over the enemy.

And how do you like the world Cup throwing pumpkins . But, do not worry, fortunately, these vegetables are thrown at people, here are competing for distance throwing.

There is a competition every year from 2 to 4 November in long Neck (USA). Locals with their families overlook the “battlefield”, hoping that they will be able to Chuck a pumpkin farther than it’s predecessors did. For throwing pumpkins participants construct improvised mechanisms by which throw vegetable “kernel” in the sky. Every morning the contestants of the Junior category will compete in the hand-held types of throwing, and in the evening heavy “shells” already flying from catapults, catapults and centrifuges. The festival always going tens of thousands of spectators.

Don’t forget to celebrate in November world toilet day . Experts dressing case of 200 countries, sitting at an international conference in Singapore, thought of the fact that he created in 2001, the WTO (world toilet organization) and declared 19 November as the international holiday. World organization these days holds various themed events and assigns a rating (similar hotel gradation) to the public toilets. In China and Singapore already have five-star facilities. So if you are in these parts and want to pee, don’t go at random, and choose elite institutions.

Japanese naked Holiday.

This, strange at first glance, the tradition was born a very long time – in 767 year. At the end of February in Japan festival «Hadak Matsuri”. At this time, thousands of naked men from 23 to 43 years, the body which are covered only with a loin dressings (fundoshi), crowds are in the city. Before the beginning of the March they undergo the rite of ritual purification in the temple, so it is believed that touching the naked man will take the troubles and misfortunes. So try the residents: are in a hurry to touch the running participants, to attract good luck.

The feast was held in the winter, the Japanese are of the opinion that the cold and purifies the soul, and not only strengthens the body. On the way the men cheer myself shouting and warmed sake, and then plunge into cold water.

In Germany, too, know how to think of unusual holidays and attract tourists from all over the world. Come here in late April-early may and will visit the Brocken mountain. You will be taken to the conduct of Walpurgis night . To participate in the Sabbath with evil spirits – witches, devils and so forth, you just need to dress up in appropriate clothing and having fun.

According to popular belief the Germans believed that the night of may 1 – it is a celebration of witches, who gather on the highest mountain around his master – Satan and celebrate their “Sabbath”. Settlements in the district is decorated with figures of witches, in the homes of many doors hang bunches of herbs, thereby warding off evil. On Walpurgis night every year gathers more and more tourists.

Over time, this event has lost its mystique and became a secular holiday. These days there is a large number of concerts, performances, theatrical performances based “Faust” Goethe and colorful processions.

Day red in the Dutch city of Breda

Unlike scary Walpurgis night Day red – a very positive, bright and Sunny holiday. In Holland there are many thousands of red-haired people, who come here from different countries of the world. As a result of cheerful festivities at the end of the event the book was published, as if to say more precisely: photo album, consisting of several hundred photographs redheads participants of the celebration.

Not far behind them and the blonde, which is celebrated on 31 may the world day of blondes .

At the time of festivals blond lady, demonstrations and even rallies of protests in defense of this wonderful blond part of humanity, which is ascribed to the presence of unpredictable hipertensos logic.

To describe an unusual holidays of the world in one article is impossible, because in the world there are an incredible array! In this case, the story we’ll continue some other time.