Autumn music festivals in Europe
  Traditionally autumn in Europe opens a season of classical music, jazz and folk music. Travelers who are going in the fall to visit France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic…

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Festival marathon
  This fall has been opened for festival season the film "the Bread day" . Fresh production . The first "Bread day" was accepted into the competition program of feature…

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The Most unusual festivals of the world

People who are used to their culture, holidays of other Nations seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people you just have to try not to limit yourself to just their culture.

However, a series of events and competitions, typical of those or other Nations, is truly amazing and unusual, which will be discussed below.

It is worth considering that many of the competition so unusual and fun that they resemble more festivities, because the victories are not as important, participants are much more fun to relax and just talk.

International pirate day. This holiday, though born in the US, has spread thanks to the Internet worldwide. Now every year on 19 September can be found in different parts of the world people in bandanas and blindfolds in that unusual pirate speak the language, interspersing the words of the familiar “piastres”, “a thousand devils”.

World Cup mugs. And once again, a celebration invented by the English, and it shall be held in the town of Egremont. Some data suggest that competition has arisen in the distant 1297, held here at the crab fair. The celebration continues in our days, becoming an international and annual passes in September. Legendary Champions is a Peter Jackson, who for the sake of owning the title “the most horrible mug” pulled out all her teeth – it gave him the opportunity to build new horrible grimaces.

Monkey Banquet. This festival is held in the province of Lopburi, Thailand. Every year the participation takes approximately 600 monkeys are invited to the dinner. A feast in honor of the God Rama consists of a variety of vegetables and fruits. Legend has it that the monkey God helped to defeat multiple opponents.

The festival of colors in new Delhi. This traditional Indian festival celebrates the arrival of spring and the rebirth of life and the banishment of evil. It is conducted on the new moon, and it lasts 2 days, because according to legend it was on this day died Holika, an evil demon. On this day, celebrations are held in every city, they lit bonfires, symbolizing the end of winter and the death of evil spirits. On fire and burned the effigy of the Holika, thrown into the fire and the seasonal fruit harvest coconuts, grains, etc. In the morning, the fun begins – people go out and begin to wash each other’s colored with colored water and throw at each other with bright colored powders.

Olympiad among gentlemen. She is, of course in England. Every year representatives of communities Chap and Hendrick’s conduct annual competition among gentlemen outdoors in a London club. The aim of the festival is the preservation of the traditions of English gentlement.

The Summer Redneck Games. Held annually in the state of Georgia, USA. The apotheosis of prazdniki are competitions pluginu in liquid clay. Fans greeted each another loud immersion in the liquid screaming loud welcome, not afraid of dirty rain, irrigated them.

A celebration of worship to their ancestors under the name of Tapati. Celebrated Chilean residents of Easter island. To do this, the islanders dress up in special costumes and dancing. Also between men and between women are held competitions on the run with a bunch of bananas. During the celebrations, is selected and the Queen, which, coupled with the beauty should be hardworking. The candidates tell the jury about how many they caught some fish and had nadali paintings.

The feast of Ophelia in Scotland.

In the town of Lerwick for festival constructing a 9 foot model of a Viking ship with a traditional dragon on the nose. The townspeople dress up like Vikings, make a torchlight procession through the city, trumpeting horns in, and the ship carry to the sea. In the squad there are usually 40 Vikings, but they are accompanied by about 900 participants, respectively, and beautifully dressed. Ceremony by tossing in a ship of 900 torches in a prescribed place sets fire to a wooden boat, following the ancient rite of the burial of fallen soldiers.

La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain .

Every year in the small village of buñol, Spain, is the so-called “tomato battle”. In the village very few people, but a holiday there arrives more than 35 thousand people. For festival prepared 100 tons of fresh, ripe tomatoes. Interestingly, the tomatoes before “use” recommend to stretch so as not to hurt the person that will fly “shell”. After the battle ends, the area begin to wash, and the participants bathe in the shower (specially arranged), plus go swimming in the river.

Orange carnage, Carnevale d’Ivrea, Italy .

Yes, except for tomatoes, the inhabitants of southern countries throw at each other again and oranges. Slaughter takes place every year in the town of Ivrea, in Italy. Note that this festival began to celebrate in the 12th century, so it has deep historical roots.

Participants of the festival are divided into nine teams, and the only task for each team is to win each other. In order to show that you don’t participate in the celebration, you need to wear a red riding hood, and no one will be you to throw oranges.