Festivals of the world: 10 most outstanding and spectacular!
In addition to the festivals, which are celebrated worldwide, there are some that are celebrated in only one place, in the bottom of the city, in one country. And, of…

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The most beautiful holiday of nature Hanami
  I already wrote that Hanami — admiring the cherry blossoms and plum is one of the favorite holidays-festivals of the Japanese. And let say that the Japanese did not…

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The 7 best circuses of the world


The kick drums and the audience opened his mouth in surprise, a wave of rope and fragile girl falls down from the dome, and after landing, turns into a flock of white doves. “What a circus!” – say you’ll be right. How!

1. Cirque du Soleil

Famous and already well familiar to inhabitants of Moscow canadian circus Cirque du Soleil touring the world for over 30 years. Actually the circus, in the classic sense, Cirque du Soleil is not. It’s an amazing mix of theatre, circus arts and street entertainment. Every show has its own unique plot and theme. His glory Cirque du Soleil got through breathtaking acrobatic performances, the acoustics, which makes the audience swoon in anticipation of a miracle and costumes of actors, careful attention to detail. Catch du Soleil is not so easy, the circus has toured across countries and continents, visiting world capitals every few years.

Average ticket price: $ 200.

2. Shanghai Circus World

«the Best circus show China” – so aptly and briefly include Shanghai circus criticism. Shanghai Circus World stands on its own arena in the same area of the stadium and Guangzhong Park. and touring the world.

Two major programmes: ERA Intersection of Time and brought worldwide fame to the Chinese circus, and more focused on a children’s program Happy Circus, where performers are trained sea lions. If you plan a trip to China, one of the most memorable experiences will be visiting Shanghai circus, no matter, I’ll go with you children or not. In addition every year there is an international circus festival, Shanghai International Magic Festival &Competition, where you can see the best performances from around the world.

The average cost of tickets: from 15 to 100 dollars.

3. Al Saheel

Al Saheel translates from Arabic as “the voice of the horse». UAE constantly encouraging and treat their guests to something called “the most”. A unique show “the Thousand and one horse’s tale” − is one of “the most” of a pleasant and simple ways to fall in love with horses and Arab culture. A nice feature of the circus – the opportunity to go backstage before the show and watch as preparing to go on stage riders and horses. Here love horses really, and the show is accompanied by the atmosphere of warmth and understanding between human and animal. Choreography, training and modern technologies of sound and light make the circus Al Saheel unique and unforgettable spectacle.

Average ticket price: from 20 to 90 dollars.

4. Le Cirque Invisible

Don’t believe that talent can be inherited and laid on ancestral lines genetically? Then you need to visit the Invisible circus by Jean-Baptiste Thierry and Victoria Chaplin. Yes, my daughter great comedian! Together with her husband and they both represent the entire troupe. Circus lives up to its name, it is invisible and mysterious, but with a rich history and tradition. His first submission of the spouses was introduced 40 years ago in Avignon. Now Victoria 60, and her husband about 70 years and they are increasingly rare, so to get an idea of this traveling circus is a rarity and luck.

The average cost of a ticket varies depending on the country where it acts as a small troupe.

5. Gemini Circus

Gemini Circus – that the representatives of the classical circus school. In many respects, the Indian circus is reminiscent of Russian circus performances. Here and clowns, and jugglers and acrobats and, of course, trained animals. But Gemini Circus has its own flavor, its own unique emotional component of its own history and traditions, which the representatives of the troupe are very proud of. And of course, a special pride of the circus − trained Indian elephants. Speaking of glorious history, it is impossible to ignore the event, which the Indians consider especially memorable. In 1964, took place in Sochi international circus festival. The speech of the Indians impressed the audience that the hall encore troupe several times, circus bydi awarded the top prizes and received admiring reviews from the Valentina Tereshkova.

Average ticket price: 1-3 USD.

6. Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey

American circus Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey came to the organization of ideas with American scale. The audience can simultaneously observe family rides, demonstrated on three pitches and four platforms. Not only can you run from platform to platform during the presentation, but in advance of coming to the circus − pet the elephants, to come to the cage with the tigers and play with the youngest artists – trained dogs.

7. Circus “Oz”

It turns out that there is such a thing as “thin Australian humour”, and make sure by visiting the bright, magical, musical and satirical representation of the circus “Oz”. During the performance on stage you can see male artists in latex costumes Ala-kangaroos and heartily laugh at the simple, sometimes hard, but they are not less good-natured jokes of the characters in bright costumes. Another feature of “Oz” is invariably live music, and held a view that often accompany themselves artists themselves, often involving the orchestra and the audience.

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