The Pancake week in Russia: bright spring festival
  The ancient Slavic holiday of Maslenitsa is seven days of fun, sledding, competition and, of course, enjoying delicious pancakes. Scope and content it is often compared with the European…

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A Collection of Russian folk traditions, celebrations and rituals
  Here you'll find Russian superstitions and omens connected with national and religious holidays. Folk and religious in our culture are closely intertwined, and sometimes it is impossible to separate…

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Student festivals in the world

Student life is not only boring lectures, seminars, colloquiums, tests, quizzes and exams. It is also a rich, vibrant life, full of new friends, parties, concerts, and other events. A special place in her hold, and student festivals that take place around the world.

Student spring (Russia)

Perhaps, this festival — the brightest, largest and most important event for Russian students. It is here that universities show their pride and their wealth: the most talented, gifted, capable and active students. In recent years the festival has grown from a student initiative in bright, colorful professional show. The jury is getting harder and harder to surprise. There is a new direction of the Student spring – a theatrical performance. In recent times it has become popular to ask the festival theme. Festival “Student spring” takes place in three stages. At first this city, then regional and, eventually, nationwide.

International student music festival in Belfort (France)

It turns out that this festival has been held for the past 22 years in the French city of Belfort. The participation of 138 teams from 35 countries: Germany, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, China, Cuba, Spain, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, India, Iraq, Italy, Jerusalem, Jordan, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Vietnam, Zimbabwe.

This festival is an opportunity to gather on one stage the maximum number of bands that speak to the widest possible audience. Typically, the number of concert venues — 15. The Belfort is the perfect venue for this festival.

The festival accepts any French or foreign musical groups, composed mainly of students, pupils of musical schools, as well as members of various Amateur musical groups, performing different musical repertoire: classical, modern, jazz, folk, chanson.

International students ‘ folklore festival in Katowice (Poland)

This festival — annual and will be held already for the 26th time. Welcoming the Polish city of Katowice receives annually student and youth as well as children’s folklore ensembles. The main condition is that the concert program should consist of the folklore of the hotel rooms in the country, which stands. This festival attracts a huge number of bands from around the world.

The student film festival in Karlovy vary (Czech Republic)

The festival takes place in the Czech Republic, because that’s where the Studio is “Barrandov”. At this festival you can see the films of almost all countries of the world, usually not reaching the screens. The festival usually takes place in August. The number of films at the festival is more than 1000.

Spring festival in Girne – Kyrenia (Northern Cyprus)

American University in Girne holds traditional spring festival. The festival’s motto is “My life, my world and my University”. During the festival, themed seminars and exhibitions, movie screenings, concerts, dance and theatrical performances and events, as well as student beauty contest.

Today there are dozens, hundreds of student festivals around the world, participating in these most active and creative, but just to visit them as a spectator.