The 7 best circuses of the world
  The kick drums and the audience opened his mouth in surprise, a wave of rope and fragile girl falls down from the dome, and after landing, turns into a…

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Festival marathon
  This fall has been opened for festival season the film "the Bread day" . Fresh production . The first "Bread day" was accepted into the competition program of feature…

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The Most famous carnivals


The carnival in Rio De Janeiro is arranged every year, lasts from three to five days, but usually still lasts longer than the deadline. Opens the carnival fat guy handing Momo the keys to the city. This character is elected annually among the largest inhabitants of Rio. At the carnival, all car traffic in the main streets of the city shall be terminated – now instead of cars here reigns unrivalled in their brightness and beauty show: performances of Samba schools, a huge moving platform with dancers and dancers, beautiful girls in a massive colorful costumes decorated with feathers, crowded fireworks night skies, and live music with dancing till you drop.

In the life of local people the carnival is a very important place – many of them from childhood annually prepare for it and participate. By the way, in stores Rio you can find costumes even for two-year-olds that already says something. Preparing for the next carnival begins immediately after the previous one. The more that each event brings to the Treasury of the city a large income. I must say that this carnival takes place in many Brazilian cities, but few of them can outdo its opulence and scale of the one that happens in Rio.

Venice, Italy, January 26 – February 12,

Venice carnival is one of the largest and most colorful sights in all of Italy. He gets, like carnival in Rio, every year, but lasts longer. The world-famous Venetian masks – white, decorated with gold leaf and hand-painted, or “red”.

The tradition of wearing masks at carnival originated in the distant 1094. At the time this annual festival was dedicated to the God Saturn. During the carnival all classes – both the owners and their servants were supposed to have fun together and even sit at the same tables. Therefore, the holiday is not spoiled social inequality, masks were introduced.

Costumes at the Venice carnival were initially quite modest – it was enough to, say, mask and black cloak. The fashion for bright luxury clothing introduced in the eighteenth century, Giacomo Casanova. By the time losing popularity carnivals in Venice already scored again to its former strength and becoming more ambitious and visited every year until now. Every year at the Venice carnival from around the world attracts more than half a million tourists. Given that this is double the official population of Venice, it is easy to imagine the extent of the action.

New Orleans, USA, January 19 – February 12,

Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras) is arranged in many European and American cities, but its the biggest celebration takes place in New Orleans. Event name translates literally as “fat Tuesday” – in essence this is a Western counterpart to the carnival: here is burned doll, symbolizing the parting winter, and all sorts of baked flour products.

Each of the moving platforms traditionally symbolizes any defect is depicted on one drinking, the other represented by gambling, the third imbued with the spirit of gluttony, and so forth. Every year at carnival in New Orleans elected its king and Queen. They say that such a tradition was born here in 1972, when Mardi Gras was visited by Russian Prince Alexei Alexandrovich. He came to the carnival in search of his beloved, American actress, was recognized by the city and declared the king of Mardi Gras.