Carnival is in full swing. All over the world are the last celebration before lent, which marks the end of winter and arrival of spring. For almost a month…

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Festival Delicious Blog
August 25 in “Yakut mountains”, a festival dedicated to the Delicious birthday Blog. We finally gathered together all the photos, and that means it is time for a detailed photo…

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What associations do you have, if you mention the words “Bavarian”, Munich and beer? Every adult at least once in my life heard of such a thing very extraordinary in its kind event like Oktoberfest. Heard of it? Of course!

At the mention of this beer festival we immediately arises before the eyes of a very amusing picture – unmatched cityscape of Munich. crowds of tourists, festivals and unique local traditions. The event this has not come about one day, and as much as a fortnight – from mid-September to early October. Every year, here comes more than six million guests from different countries, taking with them the most pleasant and joyful memories of a truly unique party, known throughout the world. The festival of beer on average is not without more than seven million liters of beer, which honored about half a million roast chickens. For a holiday of this magnitude Munich is prepared long before!

The first days filled Oktoberfest has long become a tradition events. So, first, with all the honors come the Family of the Owners of the Tents actually are as a result, the Central figures of the whole holiday. On the same day and held the official opening of Oktoberfest.

As already mentioned, this festival – this is unrealistic colorful and bright event, which makes one in particular – costume parade. In addition, arriving at this time in Munich, everyone can enjoy the concerts. Oktoberfest 2013 will delight all visitors with a concert at the foot of the statue “Bavaria” in the performance of Oktoberfest Ensembles. And at the same place, almost at the very end of the festival it will be possible also, to observe and participate in traditional Bavarian firing of mortars. But that’s not all! Those wishing to take a truly extraordinary experience will be able to see a real parade of gays and lesbians.

Beer festival in Germany, as we know it today, originated in the distant, 1810. But originally this feast was held in honor of the wedding of Prince Ludwig. Who knew that the original “scenario” of the celebration of the marriage of a member of the Royal family to become an international festival of this magnitude and will take place annually for over two centuries!

And in 1950 introduced a new interesting tradition, which gives opinionate and touch to the whole atmosphere – the beginning of the festival is announced twelve shots from the cannons and the symbolic opening of the first barrel of beer.

In Munich at this time of the year come not only single curious tourists, but also entire families. Because here will find something to your taste and old and young. And, in particular, for the latter, and not only – provided attractions for all the “taste and fear”. Here you can find and customary, traditional carousel, and the most modern rides like the “roller coaster”. By the way, did you know that these same slides in the U.S. – called Russians? And at night all these rides are blessed so bright illumination that those present feel like nothing else in Las Vegas. The lights of the latter, incidentally, can be seen from the Cosmos.

Oktoberfest is not only a Grand celebration of festivities, but also a good income beer companies. To participate in the festival only a few Breweries that have proven themselves as the best and each year I have the honour to justify his reputation. Namely, it — Spaten, Augustiner, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbrauhaus, Lowenbrau.

Only Munich! And only the present and the best German beer!