Guide to classical music festivals in Europe
A series of annual concerts at London's Royal albert hall, passing intermittently almost 120 years. Oversees her BBC — and this fact can be seen that for British culture event…

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I went to the festival of German cars "Volkswagen Audi Festival"
  There is a category of drivers - Wagawaga. They don't just go on the German cars of concern VAG (Volkswagen AG), they just love them things from their wards…

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Birthday – holidays – greetings, toasts, traditions, holiday recipes, sweepstakes


Birthday – a bright, Sunny holiday, which takes the main place in the life of every person. This day as a precious and unique jewel that shimmers with all the colors of happiness and joy: elegant holiday table, cake, candles, the whole sea of flowers and gifts.

How seduced tradition to celebrate their birthday, certainly no one will say, but we know that first birthday is now celebrated to ward off evil spirits. In ancient times believed that it was the birthday of a person is visited by evil spirits. And to protect our birthday, this day gathered around him friends and relatives who were noisy, had fun and wished him all the best.

This bright and cheerful holiday celebrated around the world and therefore its celebration is associated with many customs and traditions, otlichayuschimisya striking and fantastic variety. Many of them intersect in different countries (for example pulling the hero of the occasion behind the ears), and some exist only in one particular country. Here is a vivid examples:

In England, all centenarians, since 80 years, have a real chance to receive personal greetings from. the Queen herself.

In Germany, the home of the birthday turns into a festival of lights and fireworks. The head of the family should stand up with the first rays of the sun and light candles throughout the house and on the birthday cake. If you have decided to adopt the German tradition of celebrating this holiday, please note the following nuances: candles are lit throughout the day, and the cake should be one more candle than the actual age of the birthday boy. Why? A generally accepted opinion that thanks to this person for a year will warm luck.

By the way, not only in Germany candle acts as a kind of symbol of the future prosperous life. Once all the candles are extinguished, it is customary to begin a long-awaited unboxing of gifts.

China is a country with perhaps the most unique customs and traditions. Here are closely intertwined notes of past, present and future. Therefore, the tradition to celebrate the birthday of differ originality: apart from the Birthday, also celebrated the so-called “sydeny” and “hodiny” – days on which the child first began to sit, and took the first step;

But the nearest neighbor of China – Japan, differs in this respect the extreme rigor. On the Day of the Birth of the newborn congratulate his parents due to the fact that they decided on a feat to have a baby. For my own birthday celebration is strictly contraindicated. Only the kids (under 7 years) can count on a sweet little celebration;

Africa, with its unhurried pace of life, in a hurry. So to celebrate the Day of Birth, Africans are treated with the same slow of perfection – it is celebrated… once in 13 years! Moreover, according to the ancient tradition, the birthday boy needs to put his own Fig tree. In North Africa only 2 of the holiday – the birth itself and 52 years (age of the prophet Mohammad);

Birthday unique celebration, every people interesting traditions associated with them directly. Only depends on you what style will be your Birthday. Perhaps it will be distinctive exotic East or fireworks German lights, English ceremonial gifts or perennial African dance of life. Be creative, experiment and combine incongruous, it is your celebration, your Birthday!

Interesting facts

The Happy Birthday song came to Guinness book of records as the most played song in the world. It was written in 1983, two sisters hill, teachers working in one of the schools in Kentucky. Originally the song was intended as a salute to the children in the class and began with these words “good morning To you.”

Most children in the world born 5 October! Well, the most popular day to conceive a baby – it’s New year’s eve. The month in which the most celebrated birthdays – August. And the twenty-second of may – is the rarest date of the birthday.