What associations do you have, if you mention the words “Bavarian", Munich and beer? Every adult at least once in my life heard of such a thing very extraordinary…

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Autumn music festivals in Europe
  Traditionally autumn in Europe opens a season of classical music, jazz and folk music. Travelers who are going in the fall to visit France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic…

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The Most famous festivals in the world

English festivals

The earliest festivals appeared in England, these were mass celebrations or prezidenta, accompanied by musical, theatrical or circus performances. In the 20th century they began to be international festivals, and in our country the first music festivals appeared in the USSR in the 1930-ies. Over time, festivals were supplemented by new kinds: festivals, rock festivals, folk festivals artville art. We look at the most famous music festivals in the world by the portal Samogo

BBC Proms

One of the oldest and longest-running festivals of classical music. Held in London in 1895 and lasts three months. The concept of the festival is to make the classics accessible to the masses. Each year the festival takes place to hundreds of concerts by the best orchestras in the world.

The Salzburg festival

The Salzburg festival

Passes in Austria, the homeland of the great Mozart. Was first held in 1920. Within two months of the festival each year is given over 200 performances of various genres, performances, operas, concerts of symphonic orchestras. Two-thirds of the 250 thousand festival visitors are foreigners.

The festival in San Remo

This festival is both the most famous Italian song contest, has been held since 1951. The venue is traditionally the city of San Remo. The festival opens in late February – early March. Within five days the audience will enjoy presents for their judgment compositions, and then choose the winner. In the Soviet Union, the festival enjoyed a very great popularity, especially in the 80s Because that is where I started, then still unknown to the public, A. Celentano, A. Bocelli, and many others. The amount of spectators of the festival in recent time reaches 12 million people.

Eurovision and Sanremo

The most famous song contest, held since 1956. The winner is chosen by the viewers (their number reaches 600 million). The winner of the contest to earn his country the right to host the next festival. Representatives of Russia participated in the competition for over 15 years, but were only able to win in 2008.

Monterey Jazz Festival

This festival got its name on the venue – Monterey (California). It was founded in 1957 saxophonist Jimmy Lyons. It is the oldest jazz festival in the world, here you can get only the best musicians. In the course of two days and three nights nine sites operate nonstop, giving to speak to five hundred jazz musicians from all corners of the globe. Parallel exhibitions and seminars musical theme.

This festival, thanks to its scale, was listed in the Guinness book of records. Since 1968 he held in Milwaukee, USA. 11 days and nights, 11 sites, 800 bands of all genres. Music lovers all over the world come there every summer and often their number exceeds one million. The headliners of the festival were in different years T. Turner, B. Dylan, K. Aguilera.

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival

Since 1970 takes place on a farm permanent event organizer Michael Ibiza in the North of the UK. Famous for rock concerts, but the audience, whose number reaches 200 thousand people may be able to see performances of dance, theatre and circus groups.

Roskilde Festival

The biggest festival which is organized by volunteers and all profits goes to charity. Held in Denmark, in the city of Roskilde, traditionally in July. To speak time of about 180 groups, the number of spectators exceeds 100 thousand. In the history of the festival are performances by such legends as D. Bowie, B. Dylan, Metallica, Nirvana, U2.

Chicago Blues Festival

Chicago Blues Festival

The festival, entirely dedicated to the Blues and completely free, the dream of any fan of this musical genre. Since 1984, in the beginning of June 7 main festival venues open in Grant Park. At dusk the audience and artists moved into the clubs and bars of the city. Visit the festival usually up to 800 thousand people.

Festival-legend of electronic music. First held in Berlin in 1991. After a year became the most famous technovative Germany, and then – and throughout Central Europe. Since 2000, countries holding MayDay steel Russia, Australia, Austria, Romania, Mexico, Poland. The group, which entered the history of discoveries of the festival – Moby, The Prodigy, Marusha, Paul van Dyk.