Student festivals in the world
Student life is not only boring lectures, seminars, colloquiums, tests, quizzes and exams. It is also a rich, vibrant life, full of new friends, parties, concerts, and other events. A…

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Festival - Kharkiv autumn - hosted a beauty pageant Queen and a King of Autumn
  On 20 October in the Cultural-entertaining center "Radmir" of Kharkov took place all-Ukrainian festival of talent "Kharkiv autumn 2013" the beauty contest "Queen of the King of Autumn", which…

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Organization of celebrations of any complexity


The organization of Your holiday leads You into shock in front of an infinite number of troubles, worries and lack of free time for yourself? And maybe You don’t even remember when the last time the preparation for the holiday give You real pleasure? “Amore Agency” is engaged in professional organization of festive events and will solve all the hassle for You!

The Agency for the organization of celebrations “Amore Agency”

“Amore Agency” is an Agency for organizing celebrations of any complexity and for any budget! In our Agency holidays hand-picked only the best of the person having direct relation to art. Every artist, is verified by years of work in her artistic genre.

“Amore Agency” – an Agency for the organization of celebrations, which is engaged in the organization of events under the key. We can organize any of Your celebration, because for us there are no boundaries!

Any celebration is not only a creative approach to work is also a huge consideration to any wishes and whims of the customer, flexibility in dealing with any emerging issues.

Oh, how many holidays for some of us in our lives! Beautiful and breathtaking wedding, bustling corporate events, fun team building,

bright birthdays and anniversaries, fun children’s parties, snowy New year’s day, a memorable prom, and many others.

Every person on the planet wants his holiday was special: bride dreams of a magical wedding, company or enterprise – dreaming for the fun and noisy next corporate event or team-building, children dream about the most fun children’s party, and we all dream about the most memorable New year, because this is the beginning of a new life in the new year.

Wedding is the day of the birth of a new family. It is the wedding is the most memorable and unique day in our lives. Our Agency will gladly turn Your wedding into a fairy tale in which You will be most happy and wonderful characters. Breathtaking wedding is not only Your wish is our command!

Jewelry is an indispensable attribute of every holiday. We will gladly help You to choose jewelry for every taste. After all, we have not only “beautiful” but also themed handmade jewelry.

Corporate – this kind of holiday, where even the most unfamiliar to the team becomes a family. The Agency for the organization of celebrations “Amore Agency” will help to turn Your corporate event into an unforgettable experience for all guests. We know how important and necessary corporate parties for the excellent work the staff.

Children’s parties – it’s like a small garden, where happily grow beautiful flowers – Your children. Our Agency will help to spend any children’s party unique and at the highest level. We have lots of great children’s entertainers that will give Your children

tale. We invest in children’s holidays is not only the heart but also your soul.

All employees of our Agency understands the importance of each holiday for You. Every wedding we will turn into a story, any party – in a fun “family Seating”, birthday or anniversary – on a magical journey into the world of Your childhood, any children’s party – on an unforgettable journey to the land of fun and happiness.

Entrusting the organization of Your event to us – You will save not only your precious time but also Your money. We guarantee flawless execution of new ideas and the success of Your holiday. All of our artists and colleagues have vast experience in the field of organizing events. Organization of events not only our profession it is our life!