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Day of the Bows. The script summer holiday.

Holiday Bows for children of the middle group.

The idea of this holiday I had in 1999. I usually spend this holiday in late July. It helps my new pupils (set to the middle group) to adapt in kindergarten, and parents to be creative and imaginative approach to making costumes.

This photograph was taken in 1999 (middle school children). This year these kids graduated from 11th grade! And then I was a young teacher (in the photo – I’m in the middle with two funny ponytails)

By the way, this holiday won Dasha – her mom sewed 74 charming bow. But IDA was recognized as the most extravagant and original!

This holiday I spent 3 times. And every time this sea of emotions and children’s happiness!

Holiday bows (middle group) .

(children under music composed on the court and sit in places) .

Leading 1 Well, there is a break –

A fun time,

A leading 1 In the blue, into the blue

Cheer up, cheer up,

Sunshine, Shine on!

Anchorman 2 And to check who is better ready for the holiday boys or girls, we need to learn the chant. Memorize the words and movements:

(girls shouting in unison: “Girls”, the boys shouting in unison:

“The boys”)

Thus, we begin our celebration with the presentation of the models.

(thepassage of children through the center of the site in pairs to demonstrate the costumes)

Leading 1 have worked Very well for your mom and the costumes they have on

lovely sight to all. Prizes for best costumes will be awarded in

the end of the holiday.

Anchorman 2 Bows! Attention, attention!

Start a funny contest.

It’s called “Big jumps”.

(put the rope on the floor)

Playing alternately will do one jump. But not the win

who will jump farther, and the one who screams louder.

Leading 1 Continue to have fun,

Hrum, hrum, crunch (clapping).

Anchorman 2 the Barking dog in the yard:

Meow, meow, meow (clapping).

Beetle on the tree buzzing:

Ju – Ju – Ju (stomp) .

Leading 1 grey Duck shouting:

Quack – quack – quack (stomp) .

The gray goat screams

Moo – Moo – Moo (clapping).

Anchorman 2 did a Great job, well done!

Leading 1 our Children too long

Each other had seen.

I want to know from you:

“Are you ready to play? ”

Anchorman 2 the playing field are invited to attend the “bows” of groups 5 and 6. Get up on opposite sides of the rope (in the middle of the hall on the floor lay a rope on two fields – 10 balloons). While the music sounds, you throw the balls on the opponents side. Once it stops, you freeze on the spot. The winner is the team of Bows that will throw more balls on the opponent’s field.

(after the game the children sit on the seats)

Leading 1. To relax from the busy games, let’s listen to the poem about summer, which prepared our children (2 poems) .

Anchorman 2 (laid out on the floor bows; their number is less than children. All guys are invited to the center of the room)

Bow, bow,

What a miracle!

Everything is so colorful and beautiful!

On command: “do Not yawn! ”

The bow in your hand you grab.

The winner will declare,

When the bows we count.

(While the music plays, the children dance. At the end of all music should grab any bow; the winner is the team with the highest number of bows) .

Leading 1 Us, the sun pleases and teases

We now have fun in the morning!

By the end it is a wonderful holiday

And reward children’s time!

Awarded …. for the most original costumes.

Awarded …. for the largest number of bows.

And also want to mention all the guys for their active participation in our celebration (treat children with sweets) .

Anchorman 2 tables For everybody to come in,