The Most famous carnivals
  The carnival in Rio De Janeiro is arranged every year, lasts from three to five days, but usually still lasts longer than the deadline. Opens the carnival fat guy…

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The Pancake week in Russia: bright spring festival
  The ancient Slavic holiday of Maslenitsa is seven days of fun, sledding, competition and, of course, enjoying delicious pancakes. Scope and content it is often compared with the European…

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Crazy day or picnic Posters in Kolomenskoye

No. 1. Now I have a ticket for the concert on 29 August in Orange, actors: Billy”s Band, Estethic Education, and Zemfira. Bought on the first day of sales,all povtoritsa like Green, and I think will be just fine:) Now just to wait.

No. 2. A wonderful picnic of one of the “Billboard” which I now love even more(the magazine is quite objective in his assessment, informative and negatory what little right now).

First visited this mega-event and do not regret it:) it was a real picnic: songs,dances, sports,games, food, outdoors,cartoons for adults, fashionable clothing,even photocross, the heat mixing with the rain and all this in my favorite Park,I can’t believe it:)

Of course, in the first place for a picnic lured me speech Ilya Lagutenko ,but it was promised at the very end, so until then,from 12: 00 we headed out with Natasha in the world of razlecheny Picnic.

Loved the deck log BG(Big City), and there was scream, and Twister( which did not have time to play,but that looked funny), huge chess, checkers,backgammon, another was near the volleyball and football,but due to the last rain play did not,hurt, dirty, and before he still wanted to show off;-) I Play badminton, previously stood in line, but it was worth it, got it.what have to learn to play again,over these 2 years I have lost a lot,I love this game)are Generally very pleased with the abundance of fun, stylish, just cool people,rarely in the MSC will meet all at once in one the place:) They themselves create the holiday mood:) for Example, creatively painted black inflatable chairs, t-shirts the tissue and everything that needed paint,and PTS. not bad,could and would buy a thread.Yes current with a forgot to bring money home for full loaded with food,damn, still current ate half, and put the package to be disturbed:((

Watched cartoons for adults(they have a channel 2X2): “family Guy”,”the Simpsons”,”South Park”, “Futurama” – in General, old and new,mind-blowing ” Lenor” (long live Tim Burton), “Forest brothers” ( there were “Brothers Ventura”,but I was not proper) – in General neighing to fame))) And then began Ikki Tousen, anime, and the crowd within seconds ran helter-skelter, and we too))) What kind of people,these Japanese, if such draw and look.

It was very good. even too much of the music(although its still not much happens): and techno and beginners very different and the main scene we don visited. There were made by Fleur(Fleur) . Someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin . Junior boys . Clinic and Ilya . Well this is an incomplete list,only the ones we listened to. At first the sound was very bad,poor Fleur:((( But the evening set, the SBA could hear perfectly:) the Rain is somehow very good. approached Seth Fleur, right on stage dripping. 4 songs listened to it seems that after the Moth has left(well, very good. it was interesting to listen live),because the sound is pretty badass,it’s better not to spoil impression,and then go on a solo album.