The Most unusual festivals of the world
People who are used to their culture, holidays of other Nations seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people you just have to try…

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Crazy day or picnic Posters in Kolomenskoye
No. 1. Now I have a ticket for the concert on 29 August in Orange, actors: Billy"s Band, Estethic Education, and Zemfira. Bought on the first day of sales,all povtoritsa…

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The Most vivid and memorable firework festivals world!


Launch pyrotechnic effects always attracted people. Bright lights twinkling in the sky is not only a sign of the holiday for us, but the mark of any large-scale celebrations!


It should be noted that here hold several events dedicated to the launch of fireworks. The may festival is timed to the beginning of the planting season and its history is very ancient. Before agriculture people tried to make the mercy of the Rain God, and at the same time – have a good rest before the summer season. And to this day, this ritual is alive, despite the abundance of modern technology that almost all perform for us. The people of Thailand are very serious about this ritual that they prepare in advance rockets and fireworks. Throughout the event (2 days) in the Park Yasothon residents organize performances, dancing and having fun, let the missiles in the sky and ensure, that the charge of their team soared above the rest. Even in Thailand there is a second such festival, only without religious traditions. He is celebrated at the end of the year and is held with the participation of the United States, Canada, China and Singapore.

South Korea, Seoul

In Seoul hosts one of the world’s largest pyrotechnics show, which is amazing in its scope. Tourists from all over the world come to see this miracle. An event will be held in October, and the best team of pyrotechnic artists gather on the island of Yeouido and shows with new inventions in the field of pyrotechnics. In the air flies to more than 10,000 fireworks, and as for the total number of projectiles that are launched into the sky during the whole time of the feast – the number exceeds 50,000!


No matter how conservative the British were not – they also have their original traditions in entertainment, namely, pyrotechnic show. The most famous festival of fireworks here – it’s guy Fawkes Night, which is dedicated to the failed Gunpowder Plot in 1605. A group of Catholics led by an English nobleman guy Fawkes, tried to blow up the British Parliament. Then that night throughout England people are going, having fun, launches fireworks into the sky and burning effigies of the rebels. In addition, the British have another big celebration pyrotechnics – arts festival on the river Thames. The fireworks are launched from two barges on the river. This show is only 10 minutes, but it is very bright and colorful.


In the land of the Rising Sun fireworks – special relationship. The Japanese since ancient times throwing fireworks show – because it is a separate element of their centuries-old rich culture. Here many families have their secrets of the invention pyrotechnic products and these secrets are passed down from generation to generation. Profession Pyromancer is very much appreciated in Japan. The Japanese launch Hanabi (“flowers of fire”). Only during the summer in Japan passes more than 200 holidays. The main fireworks show is considered to be the Tokyo festival – it takes place on the banks of the Sumida river every last Saturday of July. People wear traditional clothing – kimono and going to watch the fireworks show masters of Japan. At the festival explodes over 20,000 shells.


The most famous festival in Spain is an international festival in Blanes. The history of this holiday goes back to 1906. In the 70-ies of the last century the authorities of this town have organized the annual festival, which attracts tourists to the Sunny country. The festival usually begins in late July and runs for about a week. An international team of pyrotechnicians cliff La Palomera launch the projectiles. Such large-scale shows can enjoy even with all the surrounding shores. And also you can get on a boat to watch the show from the sea.