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August 25 in “Yakut mountains”, a festival dedicated to the Delicious birthday Blog. We finally gathered together all the photos, and that means it is time for a detailed photo…

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Ukraine: Article: Ukraine: the Best autumn festivals
  Travel to Ukraine is always nice to combine with visits to interesting events – musical, gastronomic theme, which are held all year round in different parts of the country.…

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Script birthday “Avatar” or welcome to the planet Pandora!


Invitations. Because the people of Navi from the movie Avatar very intimate relationship with nature, it is appropriate to make an invitation to a birthday in the form of a huge exotic leaves, or in the form of photos of the heroes of the movie Avatar. Or this way: Avatar template birthday – photo # 4.

Body art. Without it you can not do. Invite the children to paint each other. If you have the opportunity – buy special paints for body art and decoration that you can put on your skin. If this is not possible – invite the children watercolor – they can be easily washed away. Or – you can make a mask using paper mache and paint them blue. (The mask need to do in advance, before the holiday).

Decorations for the holiday Avatar. Decorate the house (room) thickets of the jungle – the trunks of the trees can be made from cardboard and painted in brown color, the leaves are cut out of thick green paper or corrugated paper. And vines can be made from a clothesline, having dipped it in green paint. For making fantastic colors also suitable corrugated paper, colored foil, beads, “crystals”. Flowers can be made in advance, or offer the kids together to decorate the room with flowers. Colored lights make the technique “origami” and attach to the ceiling.

Contests, fun for the holiday Avatar .

♦ Invite the children to invent their own names in the style Navi and write them on the prepared blue badges or badges on photo # 5.

♦ Tell them how Navi took care of all the plants in the forest, and will offer to grow your own tree. Gather plastic cups, soil mixed with fertilizers, and seeds of any plants. Invite the children to choose the seed and say, what will become of him. Show them how to plant and how to care for it. Guests will take away cups with planted seeds home with you and the house will be to grow them.

♦ in Addition to body art, invite the children to make a frontlets of colorful ribbons, beads, bead, bright buttons and colored feathers. (The feathers can be cut from colored cardboard and corrugated paper), and on the neck to hang necklaces interwoven with them you feathers.

♦ Photos in costumes Navi will love the children.

♦ If a birthday is celebrated in a private house, prepare on-site obstacle course – after all, warriors Navi are able to bravely overcome obstacles. And, you can run a kite with them – prepare several colorful kites.

♦ Darts or archery – a great lesson for young warriors Navi.

♦ Divide the guests into 2-3 teams and invite them to create their own tribe – to name, language, symbols. Clip on one of the walls of large sheets of drawing paper – 1 for each tribe, the tribes will write their names, the alphabet, housing.

Festive table .

The table cover on the floor or on the lawn. Use lettuce leaves for decorating dishes. Order a birthday cake with figurines of animals with Pandora. Meals can be any, but to decorate and serve them as simply as possible. If you have wooden ware – it is perfect.

All guests goodbye give everything they have produced at the festival themselves, prizes for competitions and cups with planted seeds.

The main aim of the festival ’ s not even my birthday and to show and explain to the children how important it is take care of the plants and animals, on any planet, and our too.

Christmas balls Avatar. Invitation template for a birthday. The badge template. The props Avatar.