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I went to the festival of German cars “Volkswagen Audi Festival”


There is a category of drivers – Wagawaga. They don’t just go on the German cars of concern VAG (Volkswagen AG), they just love them things from their wards and are not ready to give it up for something else if it’s not another car from VAG.

First of all belong to VAG the car brand – Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat. There is, of course, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, but still these units belong to a slightly different category and are not “people”.

All the VAG group is all well-known automobile giant Volkswagen. The cars of this brand has gained immense popularity and have become legendary, gathering around him the whole brotherhood of Vagovagal. For them in the Park Yakhroma in the Moscow region hosted the ninth annual festival “Volkswagen Audi Festival 2015”, which was visited me.

This year the festival gathered more than a thousand cars of concern VAG. It all started with 150 cars already in relatively distant 2007. And every year the number of participants increased. This time we waited for a huge area for cars, various competitions from the organizers, drawing of an exclusive rear-wheel-drive VW Passat B3, stands companies offering chip tuning of car on the spot, tuning accessories, tents official VW dealers, fotobudka, t-shirts, stickers and more. Wishing could even ride in a helicopter, not for free of course. A significant event was the moment when the festival first visited the head of “Volkswagen Russia” Marcus Osegowitsch.

For me only cared about two things – the study of present cars and live chat with other owners vagotomy, who came from all corners of our vast country, including participants from Kovrov, Vladimir and Suzdal . Also present were representatives from Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

At the ninth festival organizers took into account all the shortcomings of previous events and the main feedback from the participants. Eliminated the queues to enter, lots of power points, diversified entertainment performances by stuntmen on motorcycles and ATVs, have increased the number of contests added performances by several musical groups and more. The festival came not only lovers VAG, but also those who just wanted to look at beautiful cars and a great time.

No festival is complete without the awarding of the best cars of the year. The jury from thousands of applicants chose twenty cars and noted their prize figurines and gifts. Worthy projects at festivals are always a huge amount, the choice of the jury was very complicated. First of all evaluated the appearance of the car, what style it is designed and what kind of work with him was conducted. The most common style among VAG is the direction tuning “OEM+” (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The direction involves the use of only original parts provided by the manufacturer with the additions of small improvements. For example, the installation of body parts from American versions of cars on the European or Vice versa. Mandatory presence of beautiful wheels and desirable to have a lowered suspension with pneumatic elements or special springs. In the culture of understated cars popular direction “Stance” (and Yes, BPAN absolutely nothing to do with). The meaning of “Stance” implies a very strong underestimation of the car, wide tires, nice wheels, and a stylish body kit.

After twelve hours on his feet, he covered the miles on the festival grounds filled with positive experiences, I moved towards the carpet. On the highway sometimes I was ahead of the festival participants who went back to their native regions. Farewell the winking of “hazard” and beeps. Will definitely see you at the anniversary VW Fest!