Summer holidays
  How to relax to be overloaded psychologically and physically healthier? Summer is vacation time. We are looking forward to the arrival of warm summer days, dreaming of new experiences…

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Festival - Kharkiv autumn - hosted a beauty pageant Queen and a King of Autumn
  On 20 October in the Cultural-entertaining center "Radmir" of Kharkov took place all-Ukrainian festival of talent "Kharkiv autumn 2013" the beauty contest "Queen of the King of Autumn", which…

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the Most beautiful cities in the world


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To rank the most beautiful cities of the planet impossible, thankless task. The town is unique due to its architecture, green parks, skyscrapers and local atmosphere. So we decided to just list some of the most picturesque cities that you should visit at least once in life.

If your trip is time-limited, it is best to choose one country and get to know her better. Assistant you will be an overview of the most beautiful cities in Italy .

Venice Of The North

Bruges is a picturesque European city, which lies along the channels within the North sea. The medieval buildings are protected by UNESCO. The city was the center of trade in the Middle ages, the name comes from the word “Bridge”, where he was loud fairs. In the Center you can see the work of Michelangelo – the Church of the virgin Mary. Many artists were inspired by the city and created masterpieces of art, music, cinema.

A city of contrasts

Rio de Janeiro is known for three things: sports, crime and Carnival. Beautiful beaches and nature attracted thousands of foreign visitors. The annual carnival collects millions of onlookers on the streets. However, not everything is so wonderful in this bustling city: the poor areas of the favela – generate a lot of angry and desperate people willing to steal or even kill. But it doesn’t stop greedy circuses tourists.

Geometric city

New York is famous for its mirrored facades of skyscrapers and geometric shapes of buildings and streets. But along with buildings in the style of hi-tech, there are areas of Dutch architecture, a huge Park area and the coast. The city is populated by thousands of Nations. This pot is boiling and overflowing life. The phenomenon of this metropolis is that it will seem familiar to You because You’ve seen Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten island in American melodramas and action films.


London is included in the program “must-do” for the modern tourist. The centre of decency and Royal Majesty is beautiful at any time of the year. The guards of the Queen, the tower of big Ben and the medieval fortress of the tower of London is known even to schoolchildren. Young people interested in subcultural appearance of the city. Beer lovers will also do. In Central London there is a large number of pubs with great beer. Art lovers will be delighted with the abundance of museums and galleries. London will find something for all of his admirers.

Eastern capital

Tokyo reminds neon ant colony, in which ply the crowds of residents and tourists. This is reflected on the local people: they are friendly and willing to help a lost visitor. Asian ultra-modern metropolis consists of twenty-three districts with difficult structure of the metro. There are ultra-modern buildings of old Japan. Tokyo is located on the mainland and several Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The cultural capital of Russia

Saint Petersburg is famous for high density of museums, palaces and other sights per square meter. As in Paris, and in Rome, UNESCO monitors the monuments of Russian architecture of Venice, especially in the city centre. This metropolis is not has good weather, but in a strange way love conquers tourists and in the rain and slush. Saint-Petersburg is called the city of bridges because of its specific location on the interweaving of the eight rivers.

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City shopping

Istanbul – Eastern city at the crossroads of Europe and Asia by the Marmara and Black seas. This metropolis has been throughout its history the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman empires. All this delayed the prints on the exterior. Here you can find the street a La Paris, Eastern alleys and glass facades. Tourists who come here, start with Hagia Sophia and the Blue mosque and finish shopping in Laleli.