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People who are used to their culture, holidays of other Nations seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people you just have to try…

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Kilkis (city), international festival, Famous natives
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The most beautiful holiday of nature Hanami


I already wrote that Hanami — admiring the cherry blossoms and plum is one of the favorite holidays-festivals of the Japanese. And let say that the Japanese did not only admire the cherry blossoms, but resting under the shade of indescribable beauty love to drink a bottle of sake, nothing wrong there. Who doesn’t like to combine camping with reasonable tasting delicious drinks.

Sakura only blooms for a short time, but if we consider this process throughout Japan, the cherry blossom period is from January until may. The first cherry blossoms in Okinawa and completes its March spring on the cold island of Hokkaido. The calendar is published annually, is the forecast of cherry blossom throughout Japan, map of the most beautiful places and the locals, and guests during this period, the most actively visit Japan, subject to this calendar are you going to celebrate this wonderful holiday of nature. Hanami is celebrated and as a corporate event, family vacation and how the vacation with close friends.

The most popular and beautiful places of cherry blossom is the following places (in this article we will discuss only a part of the parks of Tokyo):

Tokyo — Shinjuku Gaughan — this is one of the largest and most popular parks in Tokyo, located a few minutes walk from the metro station Shinjuku. The Park was established in the Edo period (1603-gg), then this Park in 1903 was transferred to the use of the Imperial family. During the war the Park was almost completely destroyed and rebuilt in 1949. Since the Park is public domain. In the Park there are more than a thousand cherry trees with its dozens of varieties. There are many early and late varieties of trees and the one who was late and had no time to admire the blooms in their area can visit Tokyo, as the flowering of cherry blossoms in this Park begins in mid March and ends in late April. The estimated forecast of cherry blossom in 2014 — March 30, and the best time for viewing is from 6 to 15 April. The entrance to Sindaco Gaughan paid — 200 yen.

Ueno Park is located in the heart of Tokyo, formerly the Park was the property of the temple, but after the overthrow of the Shogunate, he became open to the public. This is one of the first parks made in the Western style. The Park is also home to more than a thousand cherry trees, growing throughout the Central part of the Park and the pond. In this Park, the trees begin to bloom a couple of days earlier than other parks of the city. The entrance to the Park is free.

Kitanomaru Park — is the most beautiful place to view Sakura in Tokyo. Hundreds of cherry trees adorn the ditches of Northern part of the Imperial Palace. To view the blossoms from the water you can rent a boat, in the evening lit trees. The entrance to the Park is free, but it is recommended to visit early in the morning, when there is no large influx of people, because this Park is visited by a huge number of people, in the hustle and bustle can be lost mood for contemplation and admiring the trees.

Cherry trees, located in Sumida Park . also attract fans of khans. The Park is located along both banks of the river with views of the Tokyo TV tower. Here you can also rent boats and enjoy the trees with water. Evening in the Park is very beautiful, the trees are decorated with lights. If hungry, there are many places where you can buy delicious local food. The entrance to the Park is free and it is situated not far from Asakusa station.

At least another 10 places in Tokyo and its surroundings are a place of celebration Hanami included in the map the best and beautiful landscapes. In addition, in almost every city in Japan has parks and landscapes that deserve attention and in which the period of cherry blossom celebrates Hanami .