What to see in Lviv - Festivals and holidays in Lviv
  Lviv is known as the cultural capital of Ukraine. Lviv was selected for numerous international festivals, and celebrations of local importance. These days thousands of tourists come to Lviv…

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Summer Baby games
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The World Inside out India


Fascinating, exciting and unique adventure Dmitry Komarov continue. “World inside out” went on a new journey through Southeast Asia to India. Under the statement of Dmitry, this country just boggles my mind and leaves an incredible emotion. See the World inside out season 2 and see for yourself.

Issues of transmission will help to come close to the mystery called India. Be sure that you learn everything about this country, including what nobody will write in guidebooks for tourists. The world upside down season 2 will show the real India – the life, customs, challenges and hopes of this country.

Features Of India

The country is located in South Asia on the Indian subcontinent. She ranks second in the world in terms of population – 1 billion 200 million people.Only in 1947, the Indian state became independent, and before that for nearly 200 years it was a British colony.

Despite economic indicators, India is a desperately poor country, and although occupies in the ranking of welfare States 9 line. Not strikingly it? There is still a caste system from which birth determines social position.

What else can surprise and impress the second density of the population of the Republic, look in the travel digest Dmitry Komarov – “the World inside out — India” .

The beginning of an adventure — the World Inside out season 2

Your adventure Dmitry started from the second largest city of India – Delhi. The first thing that catches the eye in it is total insanity on the roads. Local transport consists and cars, and carts, and many other vehicles whose drivers absolutely do not respond to the traffic lights and go as they please.

Then Dmitri will begin to travel India. His first stop is the sacred city of the country – Varanasi. Here on a pilgrimage for all Hindus, each of them wants to die and be burned in here.

In the next installment of the World upside down, you will witness the celebration of one of the most important Hindu celebrations – the wedding day of Lord Shiva. The celebration also takes place in Varanasi. With motret M yr inside out season 2 from release to release is becoming more and more interesting.

So, in the fourth edition of Dmitri will visit all the capital of the Sikhs, Amritsar. It is a place where you don’t need money, because here you can free to stay at the hotel and eat in a charity restaurants that fed the pilgrims round the clock.

Viewers expect a lot of interesting. For example, you will meet the person who wears the most amazing hat – 300th serpentine fabric. The man pulls his head every day. Dmitry will also try to explore the local craft – I’ll try to sculpt the wood from cow manure.

The film crew will visit at the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Amazing and incredible adventures of the World upside down season 2 (India) will continue in the vicinity of Dharamsala. Here Dmitry will also try to collect food for the cows, climbing on the twenty-meter palm trees. It will have to wait for the next Asian shock – street dentist, who arranged his office directly at the roadside, and as accessory uses an ordinary carpenter’s file.

And in Jaipur Dmitry will get on the most colorful, literally, the festival on the planet – Holi. Locals paint each other with colored inks, believing that this is Edenic them with the saints. This is a fun and crazy holiday, anarchy and the atmosphere of permissiveness which may lead to different consequences.

To know India, imbued with its culture will take time. Dmitry managed to collect the most interesting and colorful frames that fit in 16 exciting releases. Learn about the life of Asia along with the transfer of World inside out season 2. I suggest you also review issues devoted to amazing countries. The world upside down – Cambodia. The World Upside Down – Africa. World Nissanka – Vietnam. The World Inside Out – Indonesia .