Easter festivals in Europe
  Before Easter there are very few time, and traditionally, Europe is celebrating the holiday Easter arts festivals. Especially generous event was spring in Austria, there will be three festival…

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The Most famous festivals in the world
English festivals The earliest festivals appeared in England, these were mass celebrations or prezidenta, accompanied by musical, theatrical or circus performances. In the 20th century they began to be international…

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What to see in Lviv – Festivals and holidays in Lviv


Lviv is known as the cultural capital of Ukraine. Lviv was selected for numerous international festivals, and celebrations of local importance. These days thousands of tourists come to Lviv to enjoy an unforgettable festive atmosphere. Festivals in Lviv are at all times of the year!

Official city holidays are considered to be the city Day and flag Day. The city day is usually celebrated in September or may. For the conditional date of the founding of Lviv adopted 1256 year. Flag day is celebrated here on 3 April – on this day in 1990 at the town Hall was raised the flag of Ukraine.

International theatre festival «Golden lion” held in Lviv at the beginning of October . The venue serve the theatres of the city but also the Central part of the city. Since 1992, it has already been attended by over 25 thousand actors from different countries of the world. Cheese and wine is also celebrated in early October . The festival venue: Museum of folk architecture and life “convection” and the Market square. “the Festival of cheese and wine– – this is a great opportunity not only to taste wine and cheese, but also to learn about the culture of cheese making and wine in Lviv, visit the fair and concerts of folk groups. Festival of ancient music in Lviv (venue – House of organ and chamber music, Church of St. Lazarus, Italian courtyard ). This is another festival, which falls on the first day of October . Therefore, arriving to Lviv at this time, You will have a splendid opportunity to visit several festivals!

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International folklore festival «Etnovyr” held in Lviv at the end of August in the “Shevchenko guy”, on the Market square and the Opera house. «Etnovyr” devoted to folk dance and gathers teams from many countries of the world. The coffee festival will be held in Lviv at the end of September . In the week of the festival, arranged fair coffee and coffee utensils, voting for the best coffee shops, and evening film screenings, jazz performances and chamber music concerts. Festival of organ music “Range” is held at the. On this day in Lviv attracts the best organists in the world. International festival of independent film “KinoLev” . In the 20s of August in Lviv kicks off the festival with a thematic programs and screenings. The festival of books at the annual International Forum of publishers. This forum is held annually in September and is famous for Ukraine’s largest book fair, where you can not only buy the latest books of Ukrainian and foreign writers, but also to communicate with the authors themselves.

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Spring in Lviv are activities such as: Shevchenko days, the festival of Pysanka, the international festival of symphonic music “virtuoso” fashion Week “Lviv fashion week”, Chocolate festival and many others . And in winter there are large-scale celebrate New year and Christmas. Then in front of the Lviv Opera house set the main Christmas tree of the city. Winter holidays in Lviv typically start with St. Nicholas day (December 19) and lasts until the end of January.