Holidays of the peoples of the world
  Today's carnivals-the favorite holidays of many Nations, living in different countries and on different continents. It came from the Latin word "carrus navalis", which means "amusing chariot", that is,…

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Guide to classical music festivals in Europe
A series of annual concerts at London's Royal albert hall, passing intermittently almost 120 years. Oversees her BBC — and this fact can be seen that for British culture event…

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The Best festivals in the world


Amazing festival Ati-Atihan in the Philippines – it’s the best week-long street party that rages from morning till evening, peaking on the third Sunday of January. Honoring the Santo niño (Santo Nino) (the image of the child Jesus) implies the irrigation head, as no other religious holiday, he is dressed in a very secular brilliance.

The history of the festival of Ati-Atihan roots in the XIII century, when a group of fair-skinned Malay immigrants from Borneo (Borneo) decided to show their respect for local residents of Athy. They painted their faces with black paint, sing and dance in gratitude for the earth and the food that was given to them (worrying about any pagan based, Spanish colonists later added here image of Santo niño). Today, in accordance with the historical past of the festival, the participants of the main parade paint their faces with soot and wear costumes that are perfectly suited for the Samba schools in Rio.

Although the festival lasts for a week, the festivities really flare up in the last three days (Friday through Sunday). Sunday is the big day and it starts early with the transfer of the revered icon of the Santo niño from the Cathedral town of Kalibo (Kalibo Cathedral) in the neighbouring Park Pastrana (Pastrana Park), where outdoor mass is held. The culmination of the festival is a huge parade on Sunday night that were covered in soot and elaborately costumed tribal groups with bamboo torches and images of the infant Jesus in her arms. The whole procession takes place in a circle through the center of the city.

Location: Kalibo. Philippines. Most of the Central action takes place in the Park Pastrana.

Date: third week in January.

Level of participation: 4 – be prepared to be involved in the heart of the parade.

Required: book a hotel in Kalibo at least a month before the expected date and expect to pay two to five times in accordance with the usual rates. Many people just camp on the beach.

Local attractions: Kalibo is known primarily as a starting point for the famous island of Boracay (Boracay) where the roots of this holiday. All the actions before and after the Fiesta Ati-Atihan, usually on a White Beach (White Beach). Kalibo is also the centre of needlework such as various kinds of hand weaving, including pinya (fine cloth of silk and fibers of pineapple leaves) and nito (strong vines from which hard weave baskets and mats).

A dramatization of the crucifixion

Location: Barangay San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, Philippines.

Date: good Friday.

Level of participation: 1 – heartily rejoice that it happens to other people.

If you thought the film by Mel Gibson “the passion of the Christ” was filmed too openly, spend Good Friday in Luzon (Luzon), San Fernando (San Fernando), and you will realize that it was just “the Sound of music”. On this day, fanatical Christians recreate the last days and death of Christ, and thus, it is not a simple pantomime. Up to 20 people dragged through the streets on their shoulders the wooden cross, whip themselves on the backs and make others do the same, gradually transforming myself into a bloody mess. Other masochists go behind and beat the stalks of bamboo. Then the penitent waiting for the crucifixion on the cross at the local Calvary – thin stainless steel spikes score through hands and feet. They are left to hang for up to 10 minutes, so painful testing their faith. The Catholic Church did not sanction this event, however, thousands of tourists come here every year.

Required: this is an extremely bloody spectacle, so coming here, be prepared that you will become a little uncomfortable. Transit buses of Victory Liner and Saulog from Manila (Manila) to Olongapo (Olongapo) pass through San Fernando valley, two hours from any point.

Local attractions: San Fernando is not particularly popular among tourists, however, hence the quickest route to the volcanic mountains Arayta and worried of mount Pinatubo (Mt Pinatubo).