Festival marathon
  This fall has been opened for festival season the film "the Bread day" . Fresh production . The first "Bread day" was accepted into the competition program of feature…

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The Pancake week in Russia: bright spring festival
  The ancient Slavic holiday of Maslenitsa is seven days of fun, sledding, competition and, of course, enjoying delicious pancakes. Scope and content it is often compared with the European…

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Festivals Kiev: the most incendiary and exciting events capital


Festivals in Kiev are an integral part of the cultural life of the country. These festive mass actions allow you to be aware of all the events lovers of music, theatre, circus and cinema. Besides, creativity is manifested in all that concerns the organization. So, a place for festivals can serve both indoors and “open air” Playground ” area, field, Park, etc.

The best film festivals in Kiev for fans of the movie

All the film festivals in Kiev accompanied by the showing of a film series that combines one or another theme. Often, the features of such events are the author of films and short films.

In the world of evaluation movie box office with rental — not the only indicator. The festivals allow you to assign awards to the best films of the year, to assess the professionalism of the production teams, as well as to convey to the audience modern trends in cinema.

According to official data, the most regular cinema event in Ukraine is the festival of “Youth”. Each fall within it demonstrate about 250 films from around the world. The main contenders are the first short and feature work of students.

A kaleidoscope of events for music lovers: music festivals in Kiev

Music festivals in Kiev annually attract tens of thousands of fans and lovers of live concerts from all over Ukraine. These mass events offering to the public the art of talented musicians and performers and spectacular shows.

Often music festivals are held in some picturesque place, for example, in the Singing field or on Trukhanov island. They popularize the music of different styles and genres — from folk and rock ‘ n ‘ roll to heavy metala and electro.

Themed festivals in Kiev for every taste

For fans of special festive atmosphere in the capital is annually organized many interesting festivals of various subjects – Christmas, spring (carnival, March 8, Victory Day, etc.), summer (Midsummer), autumn (flower festival, beer…). In short, some activities are confined to our favorite holidays, and others – became a good tradition in a certain period of the year.

Thus, among the annual Kyiv festivals, which have a lot of fans:

beer festivals – Oktoberfest, Septemberfest

Ukrainian international ethnic music festival “Dreamland”

multicultural festival “Global Village”

the festival of healthy food and good mood – “Best Food Fest”

festival pop-up restaurants (the creation of institutions that only work two days in a certain place)

festival success “EgoFest”

contemporary art festival ’s GOGOLFEST”

the annual festival of Japanese culture “Yaponomaniya”

charity festival «Blagovest”

international festival of personality development “Touch fest”

the festival of sports cars and motorcycles «Automotives”

the biggest international festival in the country «Tarasova Gora”

festival of health and kites.